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Time is a drug. Too much of it kills you.

New Hampshire state government is a big customer for prescription drug companies. Just as businesses do, we should take advantage of the bargaining power we have as a big customer. — John Lynch

The one big strategic error - which was a political error and an economic error of grand proportions - was the prescription drug bill. — David Keene

I opposed No Child Left Behind, I opposed the Medicare prescription drug bill, I opposed the Wall Street bailout. What the American people are starting to see is that Republican, Republicans on Capitol Hill get it and the Democrats, from the White House to Capitol Hill, just don't get it. — Mike Pence

No one wants to go back to a situation where, if you have a pre-existing medical condition, you, you can be deprived of coverage. No one wants to go back to a situation where, if you get seriously ill, you can get thrown off your insurance. Seniors don't want to go back to paying more for their prescription drugs. — David Axelrod

So I have probably 1,200 little bits of paper with notes, which when the Ambien really starts to kick in, don't really make much sense. Say what you like about prescription drugs, but they do help when you're sequencing a record. — Chris Martin

The rising cost of prescription drugs has sparked a prairie fire that is spreading across our nation. — Tim Pawlenty

If Americans could legally access prescription drugs outside the United States, then drug companies would be forced to re-evaluate their pricing strategy. — Chuck Grassley

Soaring prescription drug costs have placed a tremendous strain on family budgets. They have also imposed a heavy burden on employers - both public and private - who are struggling to provide affordable health insurance coverage to their workers. — Susan Collins