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Picture quote by Tim Fargo about principles

Don't worry about your pride, worry about your principles. ⏤ Tim Fargo

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About principles

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What are the best principles quotes? Best quotes about principles of all times. Some of the top sayings that are principles are here to read and remember. Access the best principles quotations. Top principles sayings on images and beautiful affirmations. Enjoy most famous quotes that are principles and bookmark favorite ones.

A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, president

Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots.

Victor Hugo, author

Obey the principles without being bound by them.

Bruce Lee, actor

The principles of living greatly include the capacity to face trouble with courage, disappointment with cheerfulness, and trial with humility.

Thomas S. Monson, clergyman

There are three constants in life... change, choice and principles.

Stephen Covey, businessman

People must have righteous principles in the first, and then they will not fail to perform virtuous actions.

Martin Luther, monk

My guiding principles in life are to be honest, genuine, thoughtful and caring.

Prince William, royalty

It is easier to fight for one's principles than to live up to them.

Alfred Adler, psychologist

Take pleasure in your dreams; relish your principles and drape your purest feelings on the heart of a precious lover.

Giotto di Bondone, artist

The community which has neither poverty nor riches will always have the noblest principles.

Plato, philosopher

In matters of principals, stand like a rock; in matters of taste, swim with the current.

Thomas Jefferson, president

Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, president

It is always easier to fight for one's principles than to live up to them.

Adlai Stevenson, politician

An army of principles can penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot.

Thomas Paine, writer

I shall argue that strong men, conversely, know when to compromise and that all principles can be compromised to serve a greater principle.

Andrew Carnegie, businessman

Nature is my manifestation of God. I go to nature every day for inspiration in the day's work. I follow in building the principles which nature has used in its domain.

Frank Lloyd Wright, architect

Principles aren't of much account anyway, except at election time. After that you hang them up to let them season.

Mark Twain, author

Prosperity is the best protector of principle.

Mark Twain, author

Those are my principles, and if you don't like them...well I have others.

Groucho Marx, comedian

A man is usually more careful of his money than of his principles.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., judge

We may be personally defeated, but our principles never.

William Lloyd Garrison, journalist

A faith is something you die for, a doctrine is something you kill for. There is all the difference in the world.

Tony Benn, politician

Nobody ever did anything very foolish except from some strong principle.

Lord Melbourne, statesman

Its easy to have principles when you're rich. The important thing is to have principles when you're poor.

Ray Kroc, businessman

Freedom. And Justice. If you have those two, it covers everything. You must stick to those principles and have the courage of your convictions.

Ian Smith, politician

Policy is the people you work with.

William Gaskill,

And each of these perspectives comes to the same conclusion, which is that our global economy is out of control and performing contrary to basic principles of market economics.

David Korten, activist

Success is the ability to rise above principle.

Gerald Barzan,

I have always supported measures and principles and not men.

Davy Crockett, explorer

Almost anything that can be praised or advocated has been put to some disgusting use. There is no principle, however immaculate, that has not had its compromising manipulator.

Percy Wynham Lewis,

The highest glory of the American Revolution was this: it connected in one indissoluble bond the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity.

John Quincy Adams, president

High achievers spot rich opportunities swiftly, make big decisions quickly and move into action immediately. Follow these principles and you can make your dreams come true.

Robert H. Schuller, clergyman

Values provide perspective in the best of times and worst.

Charles A. Garfield,

The highest principles for our aspirations and judgments are given to us in the Jewish-Christian religious tradition.

Albert Einstein, physicist

All married couples should learn the art of battle as they should learn the art of making love. Good battle is objective and honest - never vicious or cruel. Good battle is healthy and constructive, and brings to a marriage the principles of equal partnership.

Ann Landers, journalist

The true function of philosophy is to educate us in the principles of reasoning and not to put an end to further reasoning by the introduction of fixed conclusions.

George Henry Lewes, philosopher

But the more an organization succeeds and prospers, the more it is likely to be diverted from its original ideals, principles and purposes.

Robert Shea, author

Parents need to teach their children principles of respect and acceptance.

Zachary Quinto, actor

To abandon oneself to principles is really to die - and to die for an impossible love which is the contrary of love.

Albert Camus, philosopher

This is not a time to back away from the principles that this country was founded on.

Jeff Bingaman, politician

Custom is our nature. What are our natural principles but principles of custom?

Blaise Pascal, mathematician

One of the grand fundamental principles of Mormonism is to receive truth, let it come from whence it may.

Joseph Smith, Jr., clergyman

Conquest is not in our principles. It is inconsistent with our government.

Thomas Jefferson, president

From principles is derived probability, but truth or certainty is obtained only from facts.

Tom Stoppard, dramatist

In any assembly the simplest way to stop transacting business and split the ranks is to appeal to a principal.

Jacques Barzun, educator

The principles we live by, in business and in social life, are the most important part of happiness.

Harry Harrison, author

Just as predatory animals follow a similar general design and behave in similar ways, so organizations, especially those in competition with one another, must follow certain design principles if they are to succeed and prevail.

Robert Shea, author

Democratic principles are the result of equality of condition.

Mercy Otis Warren, playwright

At the descriptive level, certainly, you would expect different cultures to develop different sorts of ethics and obviously they have; that doesn't mean that you can't think of overarching ethical principles you would want people to follow in all kinds of places.

Peter Singer, philosopher

We believe in some basic human principles - everyone should have the opportunities not just to survive, but to excel with their God-given talents and abilities. Those are the values that should be reflected in our budgets.

Patrick J. Kennedy, politician

I like persons better than principles, and I like persons with no principles better than anything else in the world.

Oscar Wilde, dramatist

Americans are willing to go to enormous trouble and expense defending their principles with arms, very little trouble and expense advocating them with words. Temperamentally we are ready to die for certain principles (or, in the case of overripe adults, send youngsters to die), but we show little inclination to advertise the reasons for dying.

E.B. (Elwyn Brooks) White,

The progress of the American Revolution has been so rapid and such the alteration of manners, the blending of characters, and the new train of ideas that almost universally prevail, that the principles which animated to the noblest exertions have been nearly annihilated.

Mercy Otis Warren, playwright

The United States form a young republic, a confederacy which ought ever to be cemented by a union of interests and affection, under the influence of those principles which obtained their independence.

Mercy Otis Warren, playwright

Thanks to President Bush and Republican principles, businesses now have more confidence to hire workers.

John Doolittle, politician

A doctrine serves no purpose in itself, but it is indispensable to have one if only to avoid being deceived by false doctrines.

Simone Weil, philosopher

Principal is a passion for truth!


Native Americans are the original inhabitants of the land that now constitutes the United States. They have helped develop the fundamental principles of freedom of speech and separation of powers that form the foundation of the United States Government.

Joe Baca, politician

Our principles are the springs of our actions. Our actions, the springs of our happiness or misery. Too much care, therefore, cannot be taken in forming our principles.

Red Skelton, comedian

It is money, money, money! Not ideas, not principles, but money that reigns supreme in American politics.

Robert Byrd, politician

You do the policy, I'll do the politics.

Dan Quayle, vice president

We love your adherence to democratic principles.

William F. Buckley, Jr., journalist

I personally developed the Academy training program. All our training is based on solid educational principles. We present the material in four training formats: lecture, demonstration, drill, and implementation.

Jim Evans, athlete

The simplest principles become difficult of practice, when habits, formed in error, have been fixed by time, and the simplest truths hard to receive when prejudice has warped the mind.

Francis Wright, activist

If you look to lead, invest at least 40% of your time managing yourself - your ethics, character, principles, purpose, motivation, and conduct. Invest at least 30% managing those with authority over you, and 15% managing your peers.

Dee Hock, businessman

My esoteric doctrine, is that if you entertain any doubt, it is safest to take the unpopular side in the first instance. Transit from the unpopular, is easy... but from the popular to the unpopular is so steep and rugged that it is impossible to maintain it.

Lord Melbourne, statesman

A doctrinaire is a fool but an honest man.

Lord Melbourne, statesman

Almost the only persons who may be said to comprehend even approximately the significance, principles, and purposes of Socialism are the chief leaders of the extreme wings of the Socialistic forces, and perhaps a few of the money kings themselves.

Benjamin Tucker, activist

A striking feature of moral and political argument in the modern world is the extent to which it is innovators, radicals, and revolutionaries who revive old doctrines, while their conservative and reactionary opponents are the inventors of new ones.

Alasdair Chalmers Macintyre,

The principles upon which a safety lamp might be constructed I stated to several persons long before Sir Humphrey Davy came into this part of the country.

George Stephenson, inventor

The major studios don't differ very much from one another as they all operate under essentially the same principles and pressure.

Douglas Wood, writer

Olympism seeks to create a way of life based on the joy found in effort, the educational value of a good example and respect for universal fundamental ethical principles.

Pierre de Coubertin, leader

Olympism is a philosophy which, by blending sport with culture, seeks to create a way of life based on the joy found in effort, the educational value of good example and respect for universal ethical principles.

Juan Antonio Samaranch, celebrity

Finally there are simple ideas of which no definition can be given; there are also axioms or postulates, or in a word primary principles, which cannot be proved and have no need of proof.

Gottfried Leibniz, philosopher

Damn your principles! Stick to your party.

Benjamin Disraeli, prime minister

I am a man of fixed and unbending principles, the first of which is to be flexible at all times.

Everett Dirksen, politician

We all like to hear a man speak out on his convictions and principles. But at the same time, you must understand that when you're running on a ticket, you're running with a team.

Richard J. Daley, politician

The only sound approach to collective bargaining is to work out an agreement that clarifies the rights and responsibilities of the parties, establishes principles and operates to the advantage of all concerned.

Charles E. Wilson, businessman

And since geometry is the right foundation of all painting, I have decided to teach its rudiments and principles to all youngsters eager for art.

Albrecht Durer, artist

The two principles referred to are Authority and Liberty, and the names of the two schools of Socialistic thought which fully and unreservedly represent one or the other of them are, respectively, State Socialism and Anarchism.

Benjamin Tucker, activist

'Tis the business of little minds to shrink; but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death.

Thomas Paine, writer

Values are principles and ideas that bring meaning to the seemingly mundane experience of life. A meaningful life that ultimately brings happiness and pride requires you to respond to temptations as well as challenges with honor, dignity, and courage.

Laura Schlessinger, writer

It was then that I began to look into the seams of your doctrine. I wanted only to pick at a single knot; but when I had got that undone, the whole thing raveled out. And then I understood that it was all machine-sewn.

Henrik Ibsen, poet

"Think simple" as my old master used to say - meaning reduce the whole of its parts into the simplest terms, getting back to first principles.

Frank Lloyd Wright, architect

Amid the pressure of great events, a general principle gives no help.

G. W. F. Hegel,

There is a certain logic to events that pushes you along a certain path. You go along the path that feels the most true, and most according to the principles that are guiding you, and that's the way the decisions are made.

Michael Nesmith, musician

We learn by practice. Whether it means to learn to dance by practicing dancing or to learn to live by practicing living, the principles are the same. One becomes in some area an athlete of God.

Martha Graham, dancer

The Vietnam War required us to emphasize the national interest rather than abstract principles. What President Nixon and I tried to do was unnatural. And that is why we didn't make it.

Henry A Kissinger, diplomat

A policy is a temporary creed liable to be changed, but while it holds good it has got to be pursued with apostolic zeal.

Mahatma Gandhi, activist

Motherhood has completely changed me. It's just about like the most completely humbling experience that I've ever had. I think that it puts you in your place because it really forces you to address the issues that you claim to believe in and if you can't stand up to those principles when you're raising a child, forget it.

Diane Keaton, actress

That decision to commit your life to certain principles and a certain narrative, if I wrote a paper on that, I know I'd find inconsistencies.

Matt Stone, producer

Hold faithfulness and sincerity as first principles.

Confucius, philosopher

Every principle is a judgment, every judgment the outcome of experience, and experience is only acquired by the exercise of the senses; whence it follows that religious principles bear upon nothing whatever and are not in the slightest innate. Ignorance and fear, you will repeat to them, ignorance and fear -- those are the twin bases of every religion.

Marquis De Sade, novelist

I am outraged that a House member has tried through this provision to breach the traditional confidentiality of individual Americans' tax returns. There is no reason for this measure, and this last-minute act violates all principles of judgment and common sense.

John Warner, politician

Our citizens will lose their confidence or trust in the values and principles of the international community, especially if our personal identity is denied.

Boris Trajkovski, statesman

As the Constitution endures, persons in every generation can invoke its principles in their own search for greater freedom.

Anthony Kennedy, judge

The case for freedom, the case for our constitutional principles the case for our heritage has to be made anew in each generation. The work of freedom is never done.

Anthony Kennedy, judge

The principles of justice are chosen behind a veil of ignorance.

John Rawls, educator

Tens of thousands of brave Americans died to break the chains of British tyranny so that the principles of our Declaration of Independence could take fold and flourish in the birth of a new nation.

Jim Gerlach, politician

To regard all things and principles of things as inconstant modes or fashions has more and more become the tendency of modern thought.

Walter Pater, critic

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