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A multitude of words is no proof of a prudent mind.

The best proof of love is trust. — Joyce Brothers

The greatest motivation you can give to others is the proof of your success — Jim Rohn

Aviation is proof that given, the will, we have the capacity to achieve the impossible. — Edward Rickenbacker

The voice of the majority is no proof of justice. — Friedrich von Schiller

For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible. — Anonymous

Do not consider it proof just because it is written in books, for a liar who will deceive with his tongue will not hesitate to do the same with his pen. — Maimonides

Fear is proof of a degenerate mind. — Virgil

If I should ever die, God forbid, let this be my epitaph: THE ONLY PROOF HE NEEDED FOR THE EXISTENCE OF GOD WAS MUSIC — Kurt Vonnegut

Death Proof quotes - Death Proof (also known as Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof) is a 2007 American exploitation thriller film written, directed and shot by Quentin Tarantino

Mathematical proof quotes - A mathematical proof is an inferential argument for a mathematical statement, showing that the stated assumptions logically guarantee the conclusion.

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Alcohol proof quotes - Alcohol proof is a measure of the content of ethanol (alcohol) in an alcoholic beverage. The term was originally used in England and was equal to about

Proof of concept quotes - Proof of concept or proof of principle is a realization of a certain method or idea in order to demonstrate its feasibility, or a demonstration in principle

Idiot-proof quotes - In modern English usage, the informal term idiot-proof or foolproof describes designs that cannot be misused either inherently, or by use of defensive

Galley proof quotes - In printing and publishing, proofs are the preliminary versions of publications meant for review by authors, editors, and proofreaders, often with extra-wide

Proof assistant quotes - mathematical logic, a proof assistant or interactive theorem prover is a software tool to assist with the development of formal proofs by human-machine collaboration

Burden of proof (law) quotes - Burden of proof is a legal duty that encompasses two connected but separate ideas that for establishing the truth of facts in a trial before tribunals