Most Powerful Puja quotations

Lord Shiva is seated deep in everyone’s heart.

He is Nirguna (One who is without form or its attributes). He is Nirakaar (Has no shape or form), and He is the Para-Brahman (Supreme transcendental Consciousness) that is all pervading. Believe in this. This is Rudra Puja

My worship is of a very strange kind.

In this, Ganga water is not required. No special utensils are necessary. Even flowers are redundant. In this puja all gods have disappeared. And emptiness has emerged with euphoria.

Yes, I believe in God, but I don't perform a daily puja.

I don't have any gurus. Ek baat hai,destiny, koi cheez hai.

I am not a believer in religious rituals.

I was brought up in the Arya Samaj environment which taught us to shun rituals. Puja, of course, but simple, elegant and brief.

Puja (worship) is offering to God, prathana (prayer) is demanding from God.

When we pray by offering all our karma and even ourselves to God, the prayer fruitifies.

If we sit deep in meditation, the glow within the body will brighten, and will expand and spread outside. That is Devi Puja