quote by Carrie Fisher

Life is a cruel, horrible joke and I am the punch line.

— Carrie Fisher

Risky Punchline quotations

Writing a first draft is like groping one's way into a dark room, or overhearing a faint conversation, or telling a joke whose punchline you've forgotten. As someone said, one writes mainly to rewrite, for rewriting and revising are how one's mind comes to inhabit the material fully.

Nickelback walks into a bar...there's no punchline because ruining music isn't funny.

My music is basically all about witty punchlines and lyric progression that is aimed to make you laugh or say "Woah."

Musically, I want to graduate and become one of the greatest.

You can't do that just spitting punchlines. I respect those people who say they love that old style, but it would be greedy of them to want me to stay that same person.

We need a President that all Americans can respect, not a celebrity who uses words like freedom and liberty like they are a punchline in a reality show.

Are you having problems hearing? If so, those around you already know it.

Hearing loss is no laughing matter, so don't be a punchline.

I think my speeches are hilarious. I think I'm a natural comedian, but I like denying people the chance to laugh. I want to deny you the relief of the punchline.

I use those expectations as a color on my palette, a certain temperature in the room. You can use those expectations for the great punchline, but also for a great painting, in society.

My music started out as a complete joke, so really all I was doing was going for witty punchlines to make all of my buddies laugh.

I don't sit down to write a song; they just come to me from something that somebody says, or something in the news. The punchline comes to me, and I go over it in my head and get the song form. I hadn't been doing that a lot.

It's not easy to act, but to direct to act.

It goes form one place to the next. It's not heading for the punchline, and also it's not about scoring goals. It's about passing the ball, and the goals will come by themselves.

I love fishing. It's transcendental meditation with a punchline.

One of my favourite things about country music is that, at least until recently, you could always count on a solid story, a punchline and a pun. I think it has that in common with hip hop, where they're not afraid of wordplay and I really appreciate that.

On the theft of his material by Denis Leary: "I have a scoop for you.

I stole his act. I camouflaged it with punchlines, and to really throw people off, I did it before he did."

Specifically in stand-up, I love jokes. I love short, structured ideas and a punchline.

It's when you put all of these elements together - when you get the viral appeal of a great joke with a powerful punchline that's crafted from honesty and integrity, it can have a real world impact at changing a conversation.

I like silly things. I think that "silly-stupid" or "stupid-smart" might be my philosophy, which is to combine a veneer of intelligence with an undercurrent of crass stupidity. Sometimes that stupidity is in the form of the actual joke that's being told, or it could be in the way the joke is told. Like, repetition is really stupid, but it's really funny. Or it could be that the punchline itself is stupid.

This is why Jessica Biel is a successful actress: because, despite the punchlines, you know how to tell a joke.

I tried to make the punchline as close to the setup as I could.

And I thought that was the perfect thing. If I could make the setup and the punchline identical to each other, I would create a different kind of joke.

On Update, the only real original thing was trying to take away the cleverness of the punchline and make it as blunt as possible.

I generally have a real strong idea or a strong punchline, and I just try to get to it by rambling around, as I don't like to memorize words.

Donald Trump was seen for quite a long time as a punchline, the jokes about the excesses and the failures of the 1980s. And he had become, you know, a human shingle and a punchline.

I still think that, hopefully, you're not ahead of the jokes, and I think that has value. There is a punchline and it's pointed - and, again, whether you think it's funny or not, that's subjective.

You can't just explain a joke. Either it isn't funny, or the person just totally missed the punchline.

Well, the coffeehouse audiences never know what they're going to get, and all the comics are different, as opposed to when you go to a club, and they're pretty much all telling jokes with set-ups and punchlines. Coffeehouse audiences are the most forgiving: They really listen, which is the best part.

Be prepared to cut your little extra lines that come after a big punchline and move on to the next joke or routine to give your set more punch and crispness. You can keep them in your set, but if the audience applauds your big line, don't do your tag when it dies down, just move on.

One of the challenges with series TV is not to give everyone all the punchlines, all the gags and all the fun stuff at the top. Everyone is so anxious, for very good reasons, to hit the ground running, but I've been on the other end of that.

I wouldn't want to be defined so much by comics or cartoons.

My work is more narrative than that. If you take your basic cartoon, there's always a punchline or a joke at the end. My drawings don't depend on that so much.

I always try to write a song to work things out with myself and I want to do it with a little punchline at the end, because I never want to remember anything bad in my life.

At school, new ideas are thrust at you every day.

Out in the world, you’ll have to find the inner motivation to search for new ideas on your own. With any luck at all, you’ll never need to take an idea and squeeze a punchline out of it, but as bright, creative people, you’ll be called upon to generate ideas and solutions all your lives. Letting your mind play is the best way to solve problems.

Every single fat comic uses his weight as a punchline. There is something sad about that.

On stage you look much larger than you are.

You can have subtle changes of timing; how you place a punchline in a joke or movement or emotion according to an audience.

I kind of cheer the presence of any gay characters at all - I think the more we can saturate television with any gay character or lesbian character or transgender character, I think that's a really great thing. We're kind of getting past the fact that they're the punchline or that they're the novelty.

Most practical jokes, I'll feel too bad for the other person so I'll stop just before the punchline.