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Begum Hazrat Mahal of Oudh was the last of the breed of able queens and generals. The queen led her kingdom's army into battle during the revolt of 1857. Even after she was defeated she defied Queen Victoria's famous Proclamation and issued a counter Proclamation.

— Qurratulain Hyder

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Queen victoria quote A King only bows down to his Queen.

A King only bows down to his Queen.

Only those of us, I think, who were born under Queen Victoria know what it feels like to assume, without questioning, that England is permanently top nation, that foreigners do not matter, and that if the worst comes to the worst, Lord Salisbury will send a gunboat.

The First World War created the Second World War because that was a war between three grandsons of Queen Victoria: The King of England, the Kaiser and the Tsar married Queen Victoria's granddaughter. And that triggered Communism in Russia and Fascism in Germany and led to the Second World War.

Queen victoria quote Any home can be castle when the king and queen are in love

Any home can be castle when the king and queen are in love


I think baking cookies is equal to Queen Victoria running an empire.

There's no difference in how seriously you take the job, how seriously you approach your whole life.

I felt quite a responsibility when I played Elizabeth I but nobody here remembers her! And then I felt a responsibility when I played Queen Victoria but not many people remember her.

Long ago life was clean, sex was bad and obscene, and the rich were so mean.

Stately homes for the Lords, croquet lawns, village greens, Victoria was my queen.

Queen victoria quote Every man needs woman when his life is mess, because like in game of chess; quee

Every man needs woman when his life is mess, because like in game of chess; queen protects king.

Nowadays a parlor maid as ignorant as Queen Victoria was when she came to the throne would be classed as mentally defective.

If you look at the First World War, the Kaiser was actually, actively buying a lot of the armaments from Britain! in the years, in the run-up to the First World War. And I mean, there was a connection there. He was, indeed, Queen Victoria's grandson. You know, they were all related, all these royal families.

I had a non-existent knowledge of Queen Victoria's early years.

Like everyone else, I thought of her as an old lady dressed in black. My mom had told me about her, though, that she had a very loving relationship with Albert, that they had lots of kids, and that he died young.

Queen victoria quote The world is full of kings and queens, who blind your eyes and steal your dreams

The world is full of kings and queens, who blind your eyes and steal your dreams.

In India, as we saw, the Sepoy Mutiny led to a vast reorganization of British colonialism in the area, sending out a viceroy from London and before too long, Queen Victoria was proclaimed “Empress of India,” with this great empire, ruling over maharajahs and other local potentates.

I saw the world. I learnt of new cultures. I flew across an ocean. I wore women's clothing. Made a friend. Fell in love. Who cares if I lost a wager? Queen Victoria: I do! I've got 20 quid riding on you

Eighteen fifty-eight was a year of great technological advancement in the West.

That was the year when Queen Victoria was able, for the first time, to communicate with President Buchanan, through the Transatlantic Telegraphic Cable. And they were the first to 'Twitter' transatlantically.

There's four biggies. There was Elizabeth I, George III, Victoria, and the current queen, who really dominated four eras.

Although a madman, Norton wrote letters to Abraham Lincoln and Queen Victoria which they took seriously.

I was born in 1927, the only child of middle-class parents, both English, and themselves born in the grotesquely elongated shadow, which they never rose sufficiently above history to leave, of that monstrous dwarf Queen Victoria.

Queen Victoria, one of our more frumpy Queen's.

They're all frumpy aren't they? Because it's a bad idea when cousin's marry.

Victoria had the discipline of being a queen to help her through the biggest trial of her life - when she lost Albert and faltered. I've had the discipline of the theatre to help me over the ups and downs. A wonderful life . . Go it old girl. You've done it well.

In the early forties and fifties almost everybody "had about enough to live on," and young ladies dressed well on a hundred dollars a year. The daughters of the richest man in Boston were dressed with scrupulous plainness, and the wife and mother owned one brocade, which did service for several years. Display was considered vulgar. Now, alas! only Queen Victoria dares to go shabby.

The English have this extraordianry respect for longevity.

The best example of this was Queen Victoria, a most unpleasant woman who achieved a sort of public affection simply by living to be an enormous age.

Queen Victoria - a mixture of national landlady and actress.

More attention should have been given to the fundamental transformation which took place during Queen Victoria's reign, from ruling sovereign to constitutional monarch. Again, gender mattered. If Albert had lived, it seems clear that he would have resisted that development much more tenaciously, which the gradual emasculation (and feminization) of monarchy was probably more easily accomplished when a woman was on the throne.

The writer's Queen Victoria is his public, and he would do well to keep a bust of the old Queen on his desk with the legend "We are not amused" hanging from it.

It is the function of the novelist to reveal the hidden life at its source: to tell us more about Queen Victoria than could be known, and thus to produce a character who is not the Queen Victoria of history.

Napoleon, who had an aversion to the moral laxity of the eighteenth century, which he blamed on the domination of society by women, was determined to reform family life on Roman, or perhaps rather on Corsican, principles. It was with him, not with Queen Victoria, that Victorian morality originated.

The late Queen Victoria once paid a royal visit to a renowned library.

At one point, the head librarian asked, "Your Majesty, might I please introduce my daughter to you?" The queen replied, "I have come here to view the library."

If this is the way Queen Victoria treats her prisoners, she doesn't deserve to have any.

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