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If every day a man takes orders in silence from an incompetent superior, if every day he solemnly performs ritual acts which he privately finds ridiculous, if he unhesitatingly gives answers to questionnaires which are contrary to his real opinions and is prepared to deny his own self in public, if he sees no difficulty in feigning sympathy or even affection where, in fact, he feels only indifference or aversion, it still does not mean that he has entirely lost the use of one of the basic human senses, namely, the sense of humiliation. — Vaclav Havel

Bobby and I went through some old questionnaires about customer requirements for languages, then we compiled a new one and sent it out to a few dozen people we knew. — James Frank

Vote Smart has sent out thirty thousand questionnaires to every candidate running for office. — Betty Hill

The questionnaire is a simple first step toward becoming more self-aware. — Nick Morgan

The Pivot Questionnaire that I ask other people, when I have on rare occasion answered it, the answer to the question, "What turns you on?" Is words. Not mine, other people's. Words, words, words, that's what turns me on. — James Lipton

I think if you read all my books you know where I stand, pretty much. You could probably give the reader a questionnaire and they could figure out what I'm about. But I don't think my job is to tell you that. — T.C. Boyle

Libraries should be open to all - except the censor. [Response to questionnaire in Saturday Review, October 29 1960] — John F. Kennedy

I would, if checking boxes in a questionnaire, say I would oppose abortion except when the life of the mother is in danger. — Michael Baumgartner