Top 10 race quotes

What are the TOP 10 quotes about race?

  1. There are better starters than me but I’m a strong finisher.

    Usain Bolt

  2. Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.

    Walter Elliot

  3. I have a dream that one day little black boys and girls will be holding hands with little white boys and girls.

    Martin Luther King, Jr.

  4. The human race has but one really affective weapon, and that is laughter.

    Mark Twain

  5. No one has been barred on account of his race from fighting or dying for America, there are no white or colored signs on the foxholes or graveyards of battle.

    John F. Kennedy

  6. Remember and help America remember that the fellowship of human beings is more important than the fellowship of race and class and gender in a democratic society.

    Marian Wright Edelman

  7. The truth is that our race survived ignorance; it is our scientific genius that will do us in.

    Stephen Vizinczey

  8. Let's pray that the human race never escapes from Earth to spread its iniquity elsewhere.

    C. S. Lewis

  9. Properly speaking, history is nothing but the crimes and misfortunes of the human race.

    Pierre Bayle

  10. A man filled with the love of God is not content with blessing his family alone, but ranges through the whole world, anxious to bless the whole human race.

    Joseph Smith, Jr.

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