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Yeah, after making Pablo Honey, we started experimenting with cloning myself in order to double the band's creative energy. However, the experiment was a failure, and the defective Thom Yorke clone escaped. And formed a band called Muse.

— Thom Yorke

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I see fat kids on the street all the time and I give them free radiohead t-shirts with bullseyes on them. Later when I see them wearing the t-shirts I shoot at them with bb guns while riding a very large dog and singing kicking squealing gucci little piggy over and over

Yeah, I've mellowed, but not in the sense of liking Radiohead or Coldplay .

I don't hate them, I don't wish they had accidents. I think their fans are boring and ugly and don't look like they're having a good time.

I am all the days that you choose to ignore.

Making music for Radiohead is like going to the bathroom, I'm just going to the bathroom constantly, and millions are watching me go to the bathroom.

The Flaming Lips have been on Warner Bros.

forever, and certainly everything I heard growing up was on a major label in some way, from the Cure to Radiohead to Bjork.

Radiohead is overrated. Thom Yorke's solo output, however, is brilliant.

Those have been the two biggest challenges of my life: trying to follow Radiohead, and trying to follow Brad Pitt.

The only thing worse than Radiohead fans is everything else except me

Everything I do feels like It's going to end up being in Radiohead.

I don't really listen to Radiohead. I listened to the albums and they just didn't move me in the way, say, John Prine does. His is just extraordinarily eloquent music.

I really want to work on a record of mine and I'm just getting inspiration from different sources like one of my favourite bands, Led Zeppelin, and Radiohead.

I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo. What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here.

Yorke's lyrics make me want to give up.

I could never in my wildest dreams find something as beautiful as they find for a single song - let alone album after album.

I'm in love with a lot of things. Some of those things love me back. And some of them don't - and one of them is Radiohead.

The hardest part about being in Radiohead is listening to my own music.

I think Radiohead and Outkast are the two modern popular groups who you can actually say that about. We take inspiration from everywhere.

What the hell am I doing here?

In an interstellar burst, I am back to save the universe.

In a deep deep sleep of the innocent, I am born again. In a fast German car, I'm amazed that I survived, An airbag saved my life...

I'm a huge stadium rock fan, but I'm also a fan of everything from Massive Attack to Peter Gabriel, U2, the Police, Radiohead, and Coldplay.

Have you ever seen any member of radiohead aside from me in public? Do they interact or 'lift' objects? Holograms, all of them. I created them in 1991 using my massive brainpower. Even pitchforkmedia is a product of my brilliant imagination.

I ultimately decided that I couldn't beat it more than three times a day, (I) was just too drained and chapped. That's what Radiohead is about. You're just drained and chapped, down there.

With our website we didn't want people to come to our site and find out about Radiohead. We wanted them to come to our site and find out about what Radiohead are finding out about.

I love music, particularly Radiohead, TV on the Radio, The XX and Tribes - they're a great new band from Camden and well worth a look at.

Nothing's more exciting than a day in a studio with a string section - or more ruinously expensive. So it's good to feed that habit away from the band, especially if it means more experience for the next Radiohead string day.

All of us are extremely competitive. We're kind of competitive with how we work on Radiohead stuff. Having said that, there's also a lot of support.

I've always been very happy with my role in Radiohead.

You're very much a part of everything, but you're much more of a shadowy figure.

I was a huge Radiohead fan growing up.

We are different people - you get a different take on the band whoever you speak to. Somehow, at the end of it, it goes through the filtering process and out comes the Radiohead thing.

It feels like Radiohead are famous, but that no one knows who we are. Which is brilliant, really.

I'll name check Radiohead on this--they've done a pretty suave marketing plan on this new record. I think generally it's been a pretty cool thing, but what they've done is used those (sales) numbers in a way that they can spin them anyway they want cause you don't know what they are.

Lauren Hill, I always have her solo CD nearby. I have Coldplay, Radiohead, just a mix

The Summer after high school, when we first met, we make out in your Mustang, to Radiohead, and on my 18th birthday, we got matching tattoes, Used to steal your parents liquor, then climb to the roof, Talk about our future like we had a clue, Never thought I'd wondering I'd be losing you In another life, I would be your belle

I was nervous during Radiohead, we thought that they would hate us.

I think when we played in LA, one of the dudes from Entourage was in the audience, and that was kinda weird. If anyone would make me nervous it would be David Bowie, Neil Young, someone like that.

My style is so tightly tied in with our songs that I don't think you could even ask me to quit Radiohead and play guitar for another band. I don't think I could do it. It would probably reveal me to be the bluffer that I believe I am. That's how it feels. I wouldn't have the confidence to do anything but this.

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