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Hell, have I been a hell-raiser! — Dusty Springfield

I'm not a humanitarian, I'm a hell-raiser. — Mother Jones

I'm not a humanitarian. I'm a hell-raiser. — Mary Harris Jones

I think he could have made most of the trips and gone to most of the fund-raisers if he would have avoided the partisan rhetoric and talked to the country as President in each of these appearances rather than to the narrow partisan audiences. — Robert Teeter

Now the Kids Classic is one of the major fund-raisers for Children's Hospital. Since we started seven years ago, we've raised more than $1 million for the hospital. — Tom Kite

The fact remains that we're running a presidential campaign. And we're doing that through appearances like today, fund-raisers like today, where Donald Trump was in Texas, raising money, not just for the trump campaign, but, drumroll, please, for the RNC and the Republican committees, which benefits all these candidates that Paul Ryan is trying to protect. — Kellyanne Conway

Senator [George] Mitchell is a man of many talents and he's swift on his feet, but one would not think of him as 'dancing with the stars.' And we had this great rock 'n' roll fund raiser. — Barbara Mikulski

I have been reluctant to lobby on other issues I most care about - nuclear weapons (against), religion (atheist), capital punishment (anti), AIDS (fund-raiser) because I don't want to be forever spouting, diluting the impact of addressing my most urgent concern - legal and social equality for gay people worldwide. — Ian Mckellen