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I entered this ring Randy Orton, Legend Killer. When all was said and done, I left as Randy Orton, Legend.

— Randy Orton

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Randy orton quote We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand ~Randy Pausch
We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand ~Randy Pausch

No, listen to me! Look in my eye. You need to beat Randy Orton.

I teased Randy Orton because he started using my finish, the Angle Slam.

I said, 'Hey, I don't mind you using it, but at least give it a name.' When he hits it, the announcers just say, 'Well, he just hit that... thing.'

Which new wrestlers do I think will be the franchise wrestlers? Erm, well Batista and Randy Orton will I think, for sure.

It was so cute and she was so shy. Someone told me that Randy Orton went up and hugged her and she wouldn't let go. It was kind of cute.

Kurt Angle and Randy Orton were great guys to work with.

The Undertaker was great to work with, believe it or not, because of the height difference. But overall, my number one choice is Eddie Guerrero, and that's because without him, Rey Mysterio wouldn't be at the level that he was in WWE.

There's no way I can tag team with Randy Orton; he just wears too much baby oil!

There's no stopping Randy Orton!

You want to know why I am the perfect champion? Because you can take the strength of John Cena; the intelligence of Triple H; the desire of Cena; the athleticism of Triple H; the determination of Cena; the ruthlessness of Triple H... and if you combine these attributes into one person, you get Randy Orton. The only difference is that I have one thing that neither Cena nor Triple H has: the WWE Championship.

Randy Orton is dangerous and that man is delusional!

The Miz can out brawl Randy Orton. Out wrestle him, out shine him, out smart him and out class him.

Cena with the WWE Title, Randy Orton with the Money In The Bank briefcase, & Daniel Bryan with the beard.