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Rape, mutilation, abuse, and theft are the natural outcome of a world in which force rules, in which human beings are objects. — Chris Hedges

Pornography is the instruction. Rape is the practice, battered women are the practice, and battered children are the practice. — Gloria Steinem

Violent video games are a rape against the soul and cerebellum of the untainted and sensitive psyche of any human. — Bryant H. McGill

Is a woman raped every three minutes or every six minutes? It is far too much, whatever it is. — Patricia Ireland

Pregnancy demonstrates the deterministic character of woman's sexuality. Every pregnant woman has body and self taken over by a chthonian force beyond her control. In the welcome pregnancy, this is a happy sacrifice. But in the unwanted one, initiated by rape or misadventure, it is a horror. Such unfortunate women look directly into nature's heart of Darkness. For a fetus is a benign tumor, a vampire who steals in order to live. The so-called miracle of birth is nature getting her own way. — Camille Anna Paglia

The principle of procrastinated rape is said to be the ruling one in all the great bestsellers. — V. S. Pritchett

A commitment to sexual equality with males is a commitment to becoming the rich instead of the poor, the rapist instead of the raped, the murderer instead of the murdered. — Andrea Dworkin

We cannot look at the child who has been raped and offer the theological maxim that God will draw something good from out of this. We cannot think of the children consumed by the fires of Auschwitz and Hiroshima and manufacture some easy gratitude. Gratitude does not take away the horrors of violence. — Ellen Vaughn