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My name is Raquel Welch. I am here for visual effects, and I have two of them.

— Raquel Welch

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Latinos are here to stay. As citizen Raquel, I'm proud to be Latina.

Raquel Welch is someone I can also live without.

We've got some love scenes together and I am dreading them!

Not everybody is comfortable with my ethnicity.

When I first came along in the business, they didnt really like the idea of my name being Raquel.

As a kid, I had a crush on Sophia Loren and Raquel Welch.

On August 28, 2010, Fox News messiah Glenn Beck hosted a 'Restoring Honor' revival meeting featuring sexy guest star Sarah Palin, much as Bob Hope would roll out Raquel Welch in white go-go boots on his U.S.O. tours to give our fighting men a morale lift in their khakis.

I couldn't stand that my husband was being unfaithful. I am Raquel Welch - understand?

"Plaza de la Soledad" is a documentary about Carmen, Lety, Raquel and Esther, four strong women - middle-aged and older - who want to break a vicious circle that began with abuse and abandonment suffered from an early age. They simply want to have a better life. The film follows their quest to find true love and their capacity to transform themselves.

Comparing Madonna with Marilyn Monroe is like comparing Raquel Welch with the back of a bus.

There's nobody fitter at his age, except maybe Raquel Welch.

Re-forming after the chaos,” I said, remembering Raquel’s words.

“Choosing what we’ll do with how things are now, who we’ll be in this new world where the only magic left is what we make ourselves.

Lend and I certainly didn't start off on the right foot"-only Raquel would refer to Lend punching her and then us imprisoning him in an IPCA cell and interrogating him as being the "wrong foot"- "but he's always been good to you,and I have no doubt you two will be able to work this out.

Lend.” “Lend?” Raquel asked. “Yes, as in, lend me your self.” He shimmered into Raquel again. “Why not Borrow?” I asked. “Better yet, Steal?

Self-knowledge is better than self-control any day," Raquel said firmly.

"And I know myself well enough to know how I act around cookies.