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I think Ray Charles did as much as anybody when he did his country music album. Ray Charles broke down borders and showed the similarities between country music and R&B.
— Willie Nelson

Music's been around a long time, and there's going to be music long after ray charles is dead. I just want to make my mark, leave something musically good behind. If it's a big record, that's the frosting on the cake, but music's the main meal.
Ray Charles ray charles quote

Give it up for Ray Charles and his beautiful legacy. And thank you, Ray Charles, for living.
— Jamie Foxx

Ray Charles' revolutionary approach to music was also reflected in his politics and his deep and abiding commitment to Martin Luther King and the plight of African-Americans. Ray Charles may not have been on the front lines, but he put his money where his mouth was.
— Diane Watson

God bless Ray Charles. It was such an honor to meet him and sing with him and actually just to watch him sing from just two feet away.
— ray charles quotation by Norah Jones