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Strangely, I feel that I become increasingly reclusive in my normal life and more open and candid in my music.

— Mika

Jaw-dropping Reclusive quotations

The perfect mystic is not an ecstatic devotee lost in contemplation of Oneness, nor a saintly recluse shunning all commerce with mankind, but "the true saint" goes in and out amongst the people and eats and sleeps with them and buys and sells in the market and marries and takes part in social intercourse, and never forgets God for a single moment.

A recluse without books and ink is already in life a dead man.

We care. We feel. We think. We do not always miss the absent one. We cannot always come when called. Being friends with a loner requires patience and the wisdom that distance does not mean dislike.

I feel akin to the Platypus. An orphan in a family. A swimmer, a recluse. Part bird, part fish, part lizard.

I pass for a hypersensitive, reclusive neurotic, which I may well be, but I hope the year won't come when my anxieties and fatigue will destroy my love of this life, of all the things that inspire me--a line of music, a face in a Vermeer portrait, a character in an opera, or a model born in Harlem.

I'm happy to feed the illusion that I'm a lazy recluse.

Normally seven minutes of another person's company was enough to give her a headache so she set things up to live as a recluse. She was perfectly content as long as people left her in peace. Unfortunately society was not very smart or understanding.

"Gun-wielding recluse gunned down by local police" isn't the epitaph I want.

I am hoping for "Witnesses reported the sound up to two hundred kilometers away" or "Last body part finally located".

Uncompromising thought is the luxury of the closeted recluse.

Billions of years ago God was creating universes and life;

thousands of years ago he was creating angry floods, sin-saving human sacrifices and audible burning bushes. Today he occasionally appears on a piece of toast. To state that God has become reclusive over the years would be an overwhelming understatement.

They say that God is everywhere, and yet we always think of Him as somewhat of a recluse.

I'm still a recluse. I still hate everyone. I'm still a misanthrope.

In the life of each of us there is a place remote and islanded, and given to endless regret or secret happiness.

A fine line separates the weary recluse from the fearful hermit.

Finer still is the line between hermit and bitter misanthrope.

I really am a recluse. I just enjoy watching the wind blow through the trees. In America someone who sits around and does that is at the bottom of the ladder, but in Japan, say, someone who goes up into the mountains is accorded great respect. I guess I am somewhere in between. I enjoy reclusion: it clears my mind.

Uncompromising thought is the luxury of the closeted recluse.

Untrammeled reasoning is the indulgence of the philosopher, of the dreamer of sweet dreams.

I am a recluse at present & do nothing but write & read & read & write

I am a simple vessel with complex overtones, opinionated on occasions but willing to listen. Comfortable with reclusiveness and devoted to privacy and family. Patriotic to a fault and allergic to cruelty, ignorance and bad music.

The press has always written that I am a recluse and a mysterious woman, but I am more down-to-earth than they think.

They called me a 'rapist' and a 'recluse.' I'm not a recluse.

The woman poet must be either a sexless, reclusive eccentric, with nothing to say specifically to women, or a brilliant, tragic, tortured suicide.

The Lord chose the apostles, that they should be with Him, and that he might send them forth to preach, and to have power to heal sicknesses, and to cast out devils.

I'm kind of a recluse.

My belief is that "recluse" is a code word generated by journalists.

.. meaning, "doesn't like to talk to reporters."

I am something of a recluse by nature.

I am that cordless screwdriver that has to charge for twenty hours to earn ten minutes use. I need that much downtime.

Essays, entitled critical, are epistles addressed to the public, through which the mind of the recluse relieves itself of its impressions.

I was bitten by a brown recluse spider.

It got me as I was coming out of the shower. I'd never seen that kind of spider before, I'm from Canada and we don't get those types up there.

I'm not really comfortable with who I am to be honest.

I feel more free to step into the shoes of somebody else. There's always an element of me in there but, you know, if you give me a script and some clothes I can do anything. But, as Ryan, I'm a bit of a recluse.

A certain recluse, I know not who, once said that no bonds attached him to this life, and the only thing he would regret leaving was the sky.

Hey, over here! Have your picture taken with a reclusive author! Today only, we'll throw in a free autograph! But wait, there's more!

I'm kind of a recluse when it comes to going outside.

I never became a recluse where I got away from people and who they are and how they think. I'm very much in touch with the world.

I'm an animal. I'm an animal in real-life and an animal onstage. I never became a recluse, I never lived up in the Hills where I didn't see real life. You know what I mean? I'm not still living in Brooklyn, but I'm still living in the street. I go out by myself, I don't go out with a million body guards, I run my own errands.

When I think of mystery, I don't think about myself.

I think of the universe, like why does the moon rise when the sun falls? Caterpillars turn into butterflies? I really haven't remained a recluse.

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