There is held to be no surer test of civilization than the increase per head of the consumption of alcohol and tobacco. Yet alcohol and tobacco are recognizable poisons, so that their consumption has only to be carried far enough to destroy civilization altogether.
— Havelock Ellis

Fate rules the affairs of men, with no recognizable order.
Marcus Annaeus Seneca Seneca The Elder recognizable quote

Laws gain their authority from actual possession and custom: it is perilous to go back to their origins; laws, like our rivers, get greater and nobler as they roll along: follow them back upstream to their sources and all you find is a tiny spring, hardly recognizable; as time goes by it swells with pride and grows in strength.
— Michel de Montaigne

I am a pretty recognizable, like, I walk through the airport or something, you are going to spot me right away.
— Shaun White

Sometimes, I think I may be more recognizable because I'm character-looking.
— recognizable quotation by Paul Giamatti