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Wise men never sit and wail their loss, but cheerily seek how to redress their harms. — William Shakespeare

A grievance is most poignant when almost redressed. — Eric Hoffer

Honesty has come to mean the privilege of insulting you to your face without expecting redress. — Judith Martin

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses. — Thomas Jefferson

Old England liberty -- to be robbed by the Ministry, and insulted by the populace without redress. — Captain J. G. Stedman

No free people ever existed, or can ever exist, without keeping the purse strings in their own hands. Where this is the case, they have a constitutional check upon the administration, which may thereby by brought into order without violence. But when such a power is not lodged in the people, oppression proceeds uncontrolled in its career, till the governed, transported into rage, seek redress in the midst of blood and confusion. — John Dickinson

I should be very willing to redress men wrongs, and rather check than punish crimes, had not Cervantes, in that all too true tale of Quixote, shown how all such efforts fail. — Lord Byron

We must realize that todays Establishment is the new George III. Whether it will continue to adhere to his tactics, we do not know. If it does, the redress, honored in tradition, is also revolution. — William O. Douglas