quote by Robert McChesney

If you're running for reelection in the House of Representatives race, you know, it's very important to you that you be on fairly good terms with the local affiliates in the largest market in your area. I mean you don't want to antagonize them.

— Robert McChesney

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If you're running for reelection in the House of Representatives race, you know, it's very important to you that you be on fairly good terms with the local affiliates in the largest market in your area. I mean you don't want to antagonize them.

While Mayor Daley surprised me today with his decision to not run for reelection, I have never been surprised by his leadership, dedication and tireless work on behalf of the city and the people of Chicago.

In the spring of 1994 I decided not to seek reelection to the Senate.

I had made the decision 12 years earlier, Christmas Day of 1982, just after I had been first elected to a full term, that I would do the best I could for a limited time.

If Obama fails to win reelection, let the blame be first laid at the door of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who at a pivotal point threw gasoline on the flames by comparing angry American citizens to Nazis.

You and I have a rendezvous with destiny.

We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth.

Down in Texas, Rick Perry announced he will not run for reelection.

He said 'I executed one last woman, that fertilizer plant exploded, I returned abortions to back alleys where it belongs, my work here is done.' I think that's what he said, he was chewing a crayon.

Reelection ought not to be the primary preoccupation of any politician.

It ought to be standing up for truth and justice.

Obama hasn't been working to earn reelection, he's been working to earn a spot on the PGA tour!

In the fall of 1972, President Nixon announced that the rate of increase of inflation was decreasing. This was the first time a president used the third derivative to advance his case for reelection.

In liberal logic, if life is unfair then the answer is to turn more tax money over to politicians, to spend in ways that will increase their chances of getting reelected.

I know we can fix our problems. When there are people in the room who care more about doing the job they were elected to do than they worry about winning reelection, it is possible to work together, achieve principal compromise, and get results for the people who give us these jobs in the first place.

I could end the deficit in 5 minutes.

You just pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP all sitting members of congress are ineligible for reelection.

It would be almost politically suicidal for members of Congress to espouse a balanced position between Israel and Palestine, to suggest that Israel comply with international law or to speak in defense of justice or human rights for Palestinians. If they did so, they couldn't be reelected.

Someone once said that taxes are the price we pay for civilization.

That may have been true when he said it, but today taxes are mostly the price we pay so that politicians can play Santa Claus and get reelected.

People are not going to reelect Barack Obama.

But will the new president govern as a real conservative? We're going to have to apply the heat to make sure.

JFK was leading the world, leading the United States into a new position with the Soviet Union. He was calling for the end of the Cold War. He would have been reelected in 1964 because he was vastly popular.

Education had been a great gift for him [Ziauddin].

He believed that lack of education was the root of all the Pakistan's problems. Ignorance allowed politicians to fool people and bad administrators to be reelected. He believed schooling should be available for all, rich and poor, boys and girls.

I am surprised with the reelection of Mr.

Obama. The S&P is only down, like, 30 points. I would have thought that the market on his reelection should be down at least 50%.

Members of Congress care about reelection most of all.

And that means they care about their constituents. So you have to be a constituent to make your voice heard.

I do not have the right to vote in Germany.

From a Polish perspective, I say: it would be good if Ms. Merkel were reelected.

Congress wants to keep "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Washington politicians are united in their faith. Most worship the same reelection.

The incumbents just have a ton more money because they have rigged the system to help themselves, because they have these networks of small donors. Meanwhile, the amount of people, the incumbents being reelected has just been - that has been going up and up and up.

Too many terms corrupts politicians so they only want to be reelected.

I am persuaded that in the case of elected officials, the overwhelming temptation is to conclude that it is more important for your constituents that you be reelected than that you deal honestly with them.

[Obama's reelection] would subject the country to what might be a fatal last dose of statism.

It is the rare - maybe even nonexistent - politician who will admit this, but number one on the politicians to-do list is always to get reelected. Nothing else comes close. The economy, the stock market, the war on terrorism ... NOTHING comes ahead of getting reelected. Staying in power is job number one.

And then for the first time in history a Cook County state's attorney was reelected for a third time.

According to the people who dearly would love to throw him out of office, Barack Obama was elected to be 'above politics.' He wasn't elected to be president, after all. He was elected as an avatar of American tolerance. His attempts to get himself reelected imply a certain, well, ingratitude.

In my many years as a Representative in Congress it is my observation that the district that is best represented is the district that is wise enough to select a man of energy, intelligence, and integrity and reelects him year after year. A man of this type and character serves more efficiently and effectively the longer he is returned by his people.

Even the leader of the free world needs a little help from the sultan of Facebookistan if he wants to get reelected next year.

The joke I always make is I'm either running for reelection, running for Senate, running for governor, or running for my life. The latter is also a viable possibility.

I think if you look at the things that Donald Trump has done that has satisfied conservatives. The fact that he still believes that he is their guy and then add to that the fact that Democrats don't have any sign of a competent effective leader that can marry their cultural left and the economic left going into 2020, I think Donald Trump stands a pretty good chance of being reelected.

When Barack Obama was caught telling Dmitry Medvedev, "Tell Vlad to be patient.

We'll get rid of our nukes after I win reelection and I'll have more flexibility." That was in 2012, right before the election.

The senators are clearly willing to incur your wrath at reelection time.

They would much rather do that than deal with whatever is gonna happen to them if they vote to repeal Obamacare. They're afraid of somebody. They are concerned about somebody or something, but it isn't you. Despite the most important thing in their lives, being reelected, that's what you do.