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He who reigns within himself and rules his passions, desires, and fears is more than a king. — John Milton

When you have spoken the word, it reigns over you. When it is unspoken you reign over it. — Arabic Proverbs

The love of praise, howe'er conceal'd by art,Reigns more or less, and glows in ev'ry heart. — Edward Young

Pain dies quickly, and lets her weary prisoners go; the fiercest agonies have shortest reign. — William Cullen Bryant

In America, the President reigns for four years, and journalism governs for ever and ever. — Oscar Wilde

Peace, plenty, and contentment reign throughout our borders, and our beloved country presents a sublime moral spectacle to the world. — James K. Polk

Time glides away and as we get older through the noiseless years; the days flee and are restrained by no reign. — Ovid

At twenty years of age the will reigns; at thirty, the wit; and at forty, the judgment. — Benjamin Franklin