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One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.

— Euripides

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Do not be proud of wealth, people, relations and friends, or youth.

All these are snatched by time in the blink of an eye. Giving up this illusory world, know and attain the Supreme.

Relatable quote One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.
One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.

If you have learned how to disagree without being disagreeable, then you have discovered the secrete of getting along - whether it be business, family relations, or life itself.

Relatable quote The people who are meant to be in your life will always gravitate back towards y
The people who are meant to be in your life will always gravitate back towards you, no matter how far they wander.
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The Republican and Democratic parties, or, to be more exact, the Republican-Democratic party, represent the capitalist class in the class struggle. They are the political wings of the capitalist system and such differences as arise between them relate to spoils and not to principles.

When two people relate to each other authentically and humanly, God is the electricity that surges between them.

With all my devotion to the Union, and the feeling of loyalty and duty of an American citizen, I have not been able to make up my mind to raise my hand against my relative, my children, my home. I have, therefore, resigned my commission in the Army.

Relatable quote People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.
People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.

Family does not necessarily mean blood relatives but often a description of a community, organisation or nation.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

You never fail until you stop trying.

Relatable quote Where there is love, there is no imposition.
Where there is love, there is no imposition.

Good human relations not only bring great personal rewards but are essential to the success of any enterprise.

It may be said that the basic characteristic of human behavior in general is that humans personally influence their relations with the environment and through that environment personally change their behavior, subjugating it to their control.

Don’t just teach your children to read… Teach them to question what they read. Teach them to question everything.

Relatable quote Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.
Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.

Let those who once fought against brothers and relatives now rightfully fight against barbarians.

On the question of relating to our fellowman - our neighbor's spiritual need transcends every commandment. Everything else we do is a means to an end. But love is an end already, since God is love.

According to recognized aero technical tests, the bumblebee cannot fly because of the shape and weight of his body in relation to the total wing area. The bumblebee doesn't know this, so he goes ahead and flies anyway.

Relatable quote It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.
It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.

How could a state be governed, or protected in its foreign relations if every individual remained free to obey or not to obey the law according to his private opinion.

I will place no value on anything I have or may possess, except in relation to the kingdom of Christ. If anything will advance the interests of that kingdom, it shall be given away or kept only in reference to whether giving or keeping will most promote the glory1 of him to whom I owe all my hopes in time and eternity.

When I meet God, I am going to ask him two questions: Why relativity ? And why turbulence ? I really believe he will have an answer for the first.

Relatable quote Angry is just sad's bodyguard.
Angry is just sad's bodyguard.

Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.

We are dominated by the relatively small number of persons who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.

You don't need human relationships to be happy, God has placed it all around us.

Relatable quote Relativity applies to physics, not ethics.
Relativity applies to physics, not ethics.

The heart surrenders everything to the moment.

The mind judges and holds back. In most of our human relationships, we spend much of our time reassuring one another that our costumes of identity are on straight. When we see the Beloved in each person, it's like walking through a garden, watching flowers bloom all around us.

If I were a dictator, religion and state would be separate.

I swear by my religion. I will die for it. But it is my personal affair. The state has nothing to do with it. The state would look after your secular welfare, health, communications, foreign relations, currency and so on, but not your or my religion. That is everybody's personal concern!

...it's my hypothesis that the individual is not a pre-given entity which is seized on by the exercise of power. The individual, with his identity and characteristics, is the product of a relation of power exercised over bodies, multiplicities, movements, desires, forces.

Relatable quote The flower doesn't dream of the bee. It blossoms and the bee comes.
The flower doesn't dream of the bee. It blossoms and the bee comes.

Einstein's relativity work is a magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors. The theory is like a beggar clothed in purple whom ignorant people take for a king... its exponents are brilliant men but they are metaphysicists rather than scientists.

There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others.

Equivalence relation - In mathematics, an equivalence relation is a binary relation that is reflexive, symmetric and transitive. The relation "is equal to" is the canonical

Binary relation - In mathematics, a binary relation over two sets X and Y is a set of ordered pairs (x, y) consisting of elements x in X and y in Y. That is, it is a subset

Transitive relation - In mathematics, a homogeneous relation R over a set X is transitive if for all elements a, b, c in X, whenever R relates a to b and b to c, then R also

Social relation - In social science, a social relation or social interaction is any relationship between two or more individuals. Social relations derived from individual

Symmetric relation - A symmetric relation is a type of binary relation. An example is the relation "is equal to", because if a = b is true then b = a is also true. Formally

Reflexive relation - R x, or as I ⊆ R where I is the identity relation on X. An example of a reflexive relation is the relation "is equal to" on the set of real numbers,

Antisymmetric relation - In mathematics, a homogeneous relation R on set X is antisymmetric if there is no pair of distinct elements of X each of which is related by R to the other

Dispersion relation - a medium. A dispersion relation relates the wavelength or wavenumber of a wave to its frequency. Given the dispersion relation, one can calculate the

Finitary relation - mathematics, a finitary relation is a set of tuples, with an n-ary relation being a set of n-tuples. Typically, the relation describes a possible connection

Inequality can be done away with only by establishing a new society, where men and women will enjoy equal rights, resulting from an upheaval in the means of production and in all social relations. Thus, the status of women will improve only with the elimination of the system that exploits them.

Relatable quote A true friend is the only person who never gets tired of listening to your own p
A true friend is the only person who never gets tired of listening to your own pointless dramas over and over again.

A religion is a unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things, that is to say, things set apart and forbidden-beliefs and practices which unite into one single moral community called a Church, all those who adhere to them.

'Truth' is to be understood as a system of ordered procedures for the production, regulation, distribution, circulation and operation of statements. 'Truth' is linked in a circular relation with systems of power which produce and sustain it, and to effects of power which it induces and which extend it. A 'regime' of truth.

It's just all love. That's what music is. That's why music is created. To make people feel good, to uplift people. That's what musicians are for: to give everyone an escape, to let everyone feel good and take people out of everyday problems, so that they can hear music and sing words that are hopefully relatable.

Relatable quote For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one.
For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one.

Homicide is 0.8% of deaths. Diet-related disease is over 60%. But no one talks about it.

Sometimes the lack of substantive freedoms relates directly to economic poverty, which robs people of the freedom to satisfy hunger; or to achieve sufficient nutrition, or to obtain remedies for treatable illnesses or the opportunity to be adequatley clothed or sheltered, or to enjoy clean water or sanitary facilities.

When you sit with a nice girl for two hours, it seems like two minutes;

when you sit on a hot stove for two minutes, it seems like two hours. That's relativity.

The world is now too small for anything but brotherhood.

A pattern of shared basic assumptions invented, discovered, or developed by a given group as it learns to cope with its problems of external adaptation and internal integration that have worked well enough to be considered valid and therefore, to be taught to new members as the correct way to perceive, think and feel in relation to those problems.