"I'm a new song and you're just a remix."

— Lil Wayne

Most Powerful Remixed quotations

I remixed a remix, it was back to normal.

My opinion is that music is music. As long as you approach doing a remix with truth, I don't see the dance remixes being any different than an hip-hop remix- it's really a different version of the song.

In a world where discovery is more important than delivery, it's the people who find, remix and direct attention to old stuff that should be rewarded, not the people who deliver it or sit on it waiting for someone to show up.

I started a recording studio. I started producing people and doing remixes.

Here it is: our collaboration with Project Spark .

Instead of a traditional music video for GUILTY ALL THE SAME (feat. Rakim), we are giving you this as a starting line for you guys to create and share. This is the first interactive, remixable game. We look forward to seeing what you make with it.

I have got an anthology album out. The American version has got the same mixes but the European version, I remixed them in the studio and added a couple of things that I have always wanted to add.

It has become a cliché to announce that 'we live in a remix culture'.

.. What was referred to in post-modern times as quoting, appropriation, and pastiche no longer needs any special name. Now this is simlpy the basic logic of cultural production.

Put this in your CD-ROM: www dot Canibus dot com.

You can find me on the Internet, talkin' to chicks That was sweatin' me off the 'Music Makes Me High' remix. I be talkin' mad trash, tryin to get 'em to laugh. See, if I click and drag long enough I'll get the ass.

The first video I shot for "A Zip and a Double Cup"â€"I have two versions, a remix video and a the originalâ€"because I wasn’t really trying to do anything. I just came home and got kind of high and shot a video in the parking lot. I just shot the video how I wanted to do it and posted it online and the next day it went crazy.

There are Depeche Mode parties around the world where people listen to our music all night long. The more remixes we can give them, the more interesting those nights have got to be.

If you don't want something to exist - and there are many reasons to want to keep things private - keep it off the web. But if you put it in digital form, expect it to be bootlegged, remixed, manipulated, and endlessly commented upon.

I think that the audience intuitively understands the idea of sampling and remixing stories. That's why electronic music is global.

If you remix, people want to tap into your sound.

If you keep that to yourself it makes the sound more special.

Spread and participate in culture. Remix, reuse, use, abuse. Make sure no one controls your mind. Create new systems and technology that circumvent the corruption. Start a religion. Start your own nation, or buy one. Buy a bus. Crush it to pieces.

Every new idea is just a mashup or a remix of one or more previous ideas.

I'm not saying that there weren't other inherent problems with the score that couldn't have been overcome with a bit of remixing, but why did they ask me to do it, and why did Griffin ask me to do it this way, for a film that had nothing to do with American vernacular?

I simply remix an artist accommodating the way I wish to see this track.

Remixing is entirely personal for me, music is entirely personal for me, and it has to be a natural process.

I'm not gone remix a record I don't got no love for.

I think the inspiration came from the fans.

Whenever I'm online or whenever I get a chance to really communicate with the fans and the audience, they always say that they would love to have all of the remixes on one CD.

I'm not stuck strictly doing hip-hop.

Songs from the dance/electronic scene are my favorite to make and remix, and I like that world.

My wife cooks. I can't cook. I can remix leftovers pretty good, though.

Share what you do profusely, because it will be remixed by others into something new, rich and strange.

I like the way remixes sound. Some of them are really creative.

I'm really excited about the remixes.

I've always been a fan of electronic music and I'm thinking about that very seriously for the next record as well.

I feel like fashion is becoming more inclusive, partly because the industry is finally getting that beauty exists in so many ways, and partly because thanks to Instagram, girls can create their own images, or remix images they're seeing in magazines and fashion shows, in ways that weren't possible before.

Danger Mouse is now working on a bunch of other records, translating his ideas about remixing into all sorts of other projects.

I think remixes give songs more life.

All of the great Disney works took works that were in the public domain and remixed them.

The remix culture became very much controlled by the corporate world, it's a marketing tool mostly, to create mixes for different genres. So it's very soul-less in a way.

My plan is if you come to the shows in the first run of dates the versions you'll hear live are quite close to the record. But because I can set this up identically afterwards in a hotel room I can actually work when I'm on the move. The aim is that all the pieces will have had substantial remixes and different parts added and subtracted.

A lot of artists are used to their music being reused online and have come to accept and embrace it. You have a generation who go on YouTube and remake and remix music online all the time. They remake and upload songs and videos, and then other people remake the remakes; it just keeps going.

You take existing songs, you chop them up, you transform the pieces, you combine them back together again. ... These aren't just the components of remixing, I think these are the basic elements of all creativity.

Some people remaster their records six, seven times, remix it three, four times, spend a million hours, then they always go back and hear a demo of it and they'll say, 'Aw that sounds so much better than the final mix.'

I think differently, I think it's about reaching everybody on every different plane and every different level, and if I could remix the song and do a dance remix, that's great. If I could do a classical version, that'll be great too. It's all just about expression.