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The late development of mass industrial organization in the United States has both stimulated and retarded the political development of the American working class. — C. L. R. James

Science has been seriously retarded by the study of what is not worth knowing and of what is not knowable. — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Mathematical discoveries, like springtime violets in the woods, have their season which no man can hasten or retard. — Janos Bolyai

It's amazing how people can sound like retards when they're talking to their girlfriend, especially if they really love her a lot. Because when you're just fucking someone you make a point of keeping your cool, but when you're really in love - it can sound pretty repulsive. — Etgar Keret

Surveillance induced morality: relics of cultural retardation. — Marc Maron

Movies are one of the bad habits that corrupted our century. Of their many sins, I offer as the worst their effect on the intellectual side of the nation. It is chiefly from that viewpoint I write of them -- as an eruption of trash that has lamed the American mind and retarded Americans from becoming a cultured people. — Ben Hecht

Anything that interferes with individual progress ultimately will retard group progress. — George Houston

What if we could unravel aging and understand it - begin to retard the process or even reverse it? — Gregory Stock