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Please don't retouch my wrinkles. It took me so long to earn them.

— Anna Magnani

Most Powerful Retouching quotations

I never retouch a sketch: I take a canvas the same size, as I may change the composition somewhat. But I always strive to give the same feeling, while carrying it on further.

My passport photo is one of the most remarkable photographs I have ever seen- no retouching, no shadows, no flattery-just stark me.

My feeling is that for years now it has taken a much too big part in how women are being visually defined today. Heartless retouching should not be the chosen tool to represent women in the beginning of this century.

I think women see me on the cover of magazines and think I never have a pimple or bags under my eyes. You have to realize that's after two hours of hair and makeup, plus retouching. Even I don't wake up looking like Cindy Crawford.

The urge is always with me to retouch yesterday's canvas with today's paintbrush and cover the things that fill me with regret.

I do not object to retouching, dodging or accentuation as long as they do not interfere with the natural qualities of photographic technique.

I'm a photographer and retoucher from Sweden.

I use photography as a way of collecting material to realize the ideas in my mind.

I don't care what you do with that negative, you can retouch it, you can spit on it, you can grind it underfoot. The only thing that matters is if it is honest. If [the picture] is honest, you and everybody can tell. If it is dishonest, you and everybody can tell.

The artist who really loves people loves them so well the way they are he sees no need to disguise their characteristics-he loves them whole, without retouching. Yet the word used for this unqualifying affection is 'cynicism'.

I do think it's important for young women to know that magazine covers are retouched. People don't really look like that.

I use a retouching varnish which is made in France, Libert, and that's all the varnish I use.

What's considered ideal in Hollywood is completely different than anywhere else in the world. I don't think you can aspire to it, nor can I. Everybody is retouched, stretched, lengthened, slimmed and trimmed. I could look at a picture of myself from the past and think, 'Why don't I look like that now?' It's because I never have!

It's hard if you start believing that you should be really that perfect fantasy ideal, that people start believing because of all of the retouching. You can delve into that fantasy world and play with it, but when you walk away, that's not you.

I was the Playmate editor for Playboy for two years.

I produced two years' worth of centerfolds. I did everything on that, from picking the girls to designing the sets to picking the wardrobe, coming up with themes, assigning the photographer, down to editing the photos and approving the retouching.

The plus size movement is not just about fashion;

it's about body image, and if we're doing a shoot, they won't retouch us at all. That's the cool thing: there's no retouching at all because we want to give girls the truth, not a fabrication.

I'd love to retouch my whole life.

Boy George of course, was my idol as a teenager.

I haven't photographed him, even though I know him now. He wants the pictures to be retouched, and I don't want that.

I just couldn't have people thinking that I only believe thin is beautiful.

Thin is beautiful, but it's not the only kind of beautiful. I didn't want people to get the wrong message because of some retouching.

Photoshop can make everything too easy, everything is possible in the hands of a good retoucher, look at any authorised photo of a celebrity to get my point. I still prefer the creative challenge of working with the found paper image in the main, I like the sensuality of the cut and the messiness of the glue.

I love retouching images on Photoshop.

Being in New York, a lot of people I knew were top-notch copy editors or photo retouchers, so I had a good community around me that knew how to do the specialized stuff.

I think of scientific veracity as an idea from the past - the scientists say it is so, the photo is proof. Even the authoritative power of the word actual - an actual what? An actual retouched photo, an actual collaged photo?

Such is the never-failing beauty and accuracy of language, the most perfect art in the world; the chisel of a thousand years retouches it.

Critics ought never to be consulted, but while errors may yet be rectified or insipidity suppressed. But when the book has once been dismissed into the world, and can be no more retouched, I know not whether a very different conduct should not be prescribed, and whether firmness and spirit may not sometimes be of use to overpower arrogance and repel brutality.

This is how they justify not wanting to strive for self-improvement.

It's how they explain their continued inaction. It's just an excuse. There are plenty of video clips on the Internet showing what I really look like. Some people even spread rumors about me and retouch my pictures to hurt me. But I don't take them seriously. I'm even flattered! It's what success is like. I'm happy I seem unreal to them, it means I'm doing a good job.

Today there is too much retouching, and I don't like it, except on me.

All the translations of a poem in all possible languages may add nuance to nuance and, by a kind of mutual retouching, by correcting one another, may give an increasingly faithful picture of the poem they translate, yet they will never give the inner meaning of the original.

I think we are living in a world that is too perfect and things are too retouched. I want to scream at the top of my lungs 'our imperfections are what make us special'

When I am in a relationship, I don’t wear lipstick at all.

I hate the smearing, the retouching, the constant throb of phoniness as you surreptitiously check the damage in your compact between kisses. I wear lots of mascara to compensate, different colors so I don’t get bored. When I am about to break up with a guy, he has full warning because I start wearing lipstick again.

I think that most of the women when they dress in the morning, they try to be someone elseToday there is too much retouching, and I don't like it...except on me.

People will get tired of overly retouched images soon and they'll want something different. If people have too much reality, they want fantasy. What matters most is what the image communicates. I remember the first roll of film I shot at high school, the contact sheet went from these really worthy images of cracks in the wall and ended up with all of my dancer friends naked in Renaissance poses.

Oh, yes, I was a great retoucher. A retoucher is an esthetic surgeon !

The retouching is excessive. I do not look like that and more importantly, I don't desire to look like that.

It's a form of violence, in the way that we look at women and how we expect them to look and be - for what sake? Not health, not survival, no enjoyment of life but just so you could look pretty. I'm constantly telling girls all the time, 'Everything's airbrushed, everything's retouched. None of us look like that.

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