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The broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force. — Adolf Hitler

Rhetoric paints with a broad brush. — George Carlin

Rhetoric is the art of ruling the minds of men. — Plato

We are looking for bipartisan solutions not partisan rhetoric. — Paul Ryan

At the bottom of all the tributes paid to democracy is the little man walking into the little booth with a little pencil, making a little cross on a little bit of paper. No amount of rhetoric or voluminous discussion can possibly diminish the overwhelming importance of that point. — Winston Churchill

Power is the most persuasive rhetoric. — Friedrich von Schiller

Rhetoric does not get you anywhere, because Hitler and Mussolini are just as good at rhetoric. But if you can bring these people down with comedy, they stand no chance. — Mel Brooks

That sense of a life in natural objects, which in most poetry is but a rhetorical artifice, was, then, in Wordsworth the assertion of what was for him almost literal fact. — Walter Pater

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