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I love your sushi roll, hotter than wasabi. I race for your love, Shake-n-Bake, Ricky Bobby

— Drake

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My wife Ricky is my muse. Her personal style and natural beauty have always been my inspiration.

Let me spell my name out for you, it's Ricky: R: Ravishing, I: Impress, C: Courageous or Careless, K: for the Kangols which I've got, That I wear everyday and Y: Why not?

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I think Ricky Williams had his time in the limelight.

And I think it was good for what it was worth, and that was that.

I am always with London On Da Track, Wheezy, 808 Mafia Mike Will Made It, Ricky Racks.

I waited, and I’m sure Elvis did too, for each Ricky Nelson record like we would a Chuck Berry record or a Fats Domino record, to see what was going on. I used to say to some of the guys that Ricky Nelson learned to sing on million selling records.

It's far more daunting than bowling to Ricky Ponting or facing Shane Warne

Tom Cruise's attorney said he is going to sue anyone who claims he is gay.

In a related story, Ricky Martin's attorney has been hospitalized for exhaustion.

Ricky's [Reed] a lot like me. He always says we have the same brain. He does all different genres, and it just happens his first big hit as a producer was [Derulo's] "Talk Dirty to Me," and that Pitbull is his best friend. But he can actually - I swear - he can do every genre.

They call me Ricky Fatton. Mind you I've had a lot on my plate recently. I got measured for this suit the other week. They measured my pants, jacket, top to bottom. Bloody hell Ricky you're a Mark F they said, a size up from a marquee.

I don't count that relationship with Ricky.

It's just like a blip at this point. I had to fall in love with the devil himself to get this sweet angel, Jack.

Where else but the NBA could people like Bill Russell, Spencer Haywood, Ricky Barry, Dennis Rodman, and Allen Iverson come in and be allowed to be who they are?

With Ricky Gervais, it's all shades of wrong, it's my kind of humor.

I was hired to do this one great script called 'Cap'n Ricky' and that project is up in the air at the moment.

I think we should only get 3 honks a month on the car horn.

Then, someone cuts you off, you press the horn, and nothing happens. You're like, "Crap! I wish I hadn't seen Ricky on the sidewalk!"

What sort of champion would I be if I just stayed in my normal weight division and didn't take the big challenges on? Bring them on, that's what Ricky Hatton's all about.

Ricky Hatton ain't nothing but a fat man. I'm going to punch him in his beer belly when I see him.

The Ricky Hatton that beat Kostya Tszyu in 2005 can beat Floyd Mayweather, he was so focused and in such amazing physical shape that he would have given anybody at that level a tough time.

I watched Ricki Lake's documentary, 'The Business of Being Born,' and that led me to call a midwife, and not an ob-gyn, when I found out I had conceived. My delivery was not easy - they call it 'labor,' not 'a vacation!' - but I was incredibly grateful that I did it that way.

Everywhere I go, people hear Ricky Williams and the next thing they think is marijuana or wasted talent.

Even the trip throught the Portal had not disarranged Magnus's hair spikes.

He tugged on one proudly. "Check it out", he said to Isabelle. "Magic?" "Hair gel. $3.99 at Ricky's.

You know, this whole thing about Ricky Martin, and how successful that young man is. He's 27, I was 29.

Ricky Nelson... I couldn't believe it when he died. He was a great rock star.

If I was a research scientist, I'd want people to say, 'You know what, he's a great research scientist, that Ricky Gervais. He's really good, really good.' You know, I'd go to award ceremonies for research scientists and go, 'Yeah, I really worked hard, yeah.' It's brilliant.

My grandma Ricky - that's where I got classic look from.

She was the most stylish person ever. She had her own clothing store and even her furniture was stylish. I got my "Flashy, but classy" motto from her, too. Whenever she walked in the room, she was always the most stylish person in the room.

Ricky Gervais changed our lives. And Mitch Hedberg, who we're like, "Oh, that's funny to me on a level I don't think I understand. But I'm clearly pleased by it beyond something that my brain's figured out." He was amazing.

There are a lot of people who I look up to.

I like what Ricky Gervais does, I also like Ron Howard. It's probably never going to happen, but if I had to pick a couple people, those are two.

It was great having them around and I have to say pretty weird seeing them all grown up! Plus we have Jeremy Piven; and Ricky Gervais agreed to be in it and Antonio Banderas has a cameo in and that's a testament to Robert. He's such a good director and such a good guy. He gets everybody, because everyone wants to work with him.

I asked Michael Jackson once. I said to him, 'How were you able to go from the Jackson Five to the biggest star in the world? What was your secret, Michael?' He said, 'Ricky, stay inspired. That's the hardest thing to do. If you can figure out a way to stay inspired, you can make it.'

And there's a period where everyone's buying those and it's really bad because no one is Larry David or Ricky Gervais. And then they don't work and networks stop wanting to buy them, but because they wanted to buy them before the producer wanted to make them, the producers are still hanging on to wanting to make them.

I like 'The Office.' I particularly like the British version with Ricky Gervais. Of course, I liked the 'Seinfeld' show a lot. I thought that was an awfully good show.

Knowing that Ricky Gervais will never work again means a lot to me. I'm going to make sure of it.

When you are 18, 19 or 20 you can get away with more, but as you get into your twenties you realise that it is harder and harder to lose what you put on. Look at Ricky Hatton. That isn't good for you and so you know not to come back overweight or out of shape. Why? Because you'll get stick from fellow players and you'll struggle.

Well, on a personal level, I would never want to take on a character who didn’t have some redeemable qualities. Even the worst of people, such as Michael Scott in The Office [Carell’s character in the US version of the Ricky Gervais sitcom], have some decent human qualities that you can latch onto.

I could do with more mobbing. Particularly from women. I'd like to be treated like Ricky Martin.