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I don't want to be nasty but let's just say Robbie Williams is no Freddie Mercury.

— John Deacon

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I got Robbie's mobile number and rang him.

It went to his voicemail: 'Hi, it's Robbie - whazzup!' Like the Budweiser ad. I never called him back. I thought: 'I can't be f****** signing that'.

I want you to remember something for me.

My name is Robbie Williams. I'm a singer, a songwriter, and a born entertainer.

I played music practically my entire life.

But the first time I ever really played music was with John and Robby and Jim That's where it happened. it was an epiphany, a moment of profound clarity

When an ensemble is really tight or playing as one, it's a transcendental experience. It is spiritual. It goes beyond the ensemble. Ray and I and Robby and Jim were pretty tight, musically and spiritually.

I'm bemused by the whole Robbie Williams aspect of British pop.

Posh Spice? It all looks like cruise ship entertainment to me.

I don't want to give Robbie Blake any praise, but he was superb.

Or if I truly gave up I could be like Wet Lindsay.

When Robbie dumped her she got all pale and even wetter than normal. She was like an anoraksick. (A person who is both very thin and wears tragic anoraks.) I just made that up as a joke. Even though I am very upset I can still think of a joke.

Everyone on the set has a mobile phone, and I found by pushing a few buttons, they could be programmed into different languages. I fixed Robbie's Coltrane to speak in Turkish.

I did an after-school special as my first big thing.

It was starring Butterfly McQueen. She was the name. But the real star of it was Robbie Rist, who was that little blond kid who looked like John Denver.

Everybody remembers Robbie Williams said I had a face like a satellite dish.

We're [with Robbie Robertson ] jazz musicians.

The context may be rock 'n' roll but it's still jazz. It's jazz and that means improvization...you play a tune the way it feels and you play it differently every time. It can never be the same.

When I was a kid I really liked the guitarist of The Doors [Robby Krieger].

He plays blues, but he plays a lot of melodic things. He plays scales that are kind of unusual, and some bent notes.

I just know that he's Robbie Williams - he's massive, that's all I know! He nailed it. Working in the studio with him was cool. I got there at about six in the afternoon and then stayed until six in the morning. We only worked for like two hours, the rest of the time we were just chilling out the back. The way Robbie handles everything... he's a star, but there were never any pretensions, no ego. He put effort in.

Join the club. (to Robbie Fowler after the striker missed a penalty against Middlesbrough that cost Man City a European place)

Good evening everybody, my name is Robbie Williams, this is my band and for the next two hours YOUR ASS IS MINE!

Robbie Keane was like the cat that got the cheese

If people don't want to believe in Robbie Fowler, it's because they don't want to

Unfortunately, at this moment in time, Robbie Keane can't hit a barn door for us.

I see the booing as a nice bit of banter and at least it means the fans aren't bored. It's quality. I enjoy it to be honest and I'm getting it even more than Robbie Savage, which is really saying something.

I was a Liverpool fan simply because my dad followed them.

Unfortunately I wasn't born when the team had their golden era, but I enjoyed watching the likes of Michael Owen, Robbie Fowler and Steve McManaman when I was growing up. When Liverpool won the Champions League last year, I went mad. I was shouting so loud I think I woke up the entire village where I live!

I've enjoyed my time in the game, whether it be managing Luton in the top flight, taking Spurs to Wembley or, as director of football, pinpointing players such as Jermain Defoe, Paul Robinson and Robbie Keane with real sell-on value.

Tel Aviv, Israel, me, Robbie Williams.

I'm coming to see you. It's like a first date. I've got butterflies in my stomache, I can't wait. I hope you feel the same way too. There will be singing, there will be dancing, there will be banter, there will be love. Mainly from me, beaming it to you, from my heart into your heads and minds.

I went out with Robbie Williams and Liam Gallagher.

I was accused of going out with many different people but that wasn't my fault.

People say you should go out at the top but I was enjoying my football so much.

Robbie Fowler's exactly the same: he's not playing for money any more, he's playing for enjoyment. Why go out at the top if it's going to make you miserable? I just wanted to play as long as I could.

I risked getting my tyres nicked by going to Robbie Fowler's home in Liverpool!

I've got this brilliant thing where I go, 'I'm Robbie Williams', and people are interested in what I want to say - which is amazing because I'm just an idiot from Stoke-on-Trent.

He reminds me of a completely different version of Robbie Earle.

Robbie Keane's not the second choice, he's my first choice. But Jermain Defoe is as well.

What an amazing day," Bree said, stretching in her seat.

"Thanks to me and my weather charm." I said lightly. Robbie and Hunter both looked at me in alarm. "You didn't," Said Robbie. "You didn't," Said Hunter. I was enjoying this. "Maybe I did, maybe I didn't." Hunter looked upset. "You can't be serious!" Cahn't, I thought. Cahn too.

Robbie turned to the house again. "Got a flashlight?" "Of course not." I smirked. "That would make me too well prepared, wouldn't it?

I think you're very lucky to find somebody you can coexist with without straying or going mad or being angry. That's whether you're Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton, Robbie Williams and Ayda Field, or Tim and June from down the road.

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