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For almost 40 years, he was the brightest star in the comedy galaxy... Their beautiful light will continue to shine on us forever. And the glow will be so bright, it'll warm your heart, it'll make your eyes glisten, and it'll make you think to yourselves: Robin Williams, what a concept.

— Billy Crystal

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I own four copies of Robin WIlliams's Live on Broadway comedy special for HBO.

One in Wilmington, one in L.A., one in my trailer, and one at my parents' house. I can watch it over and over again and it never gets old. He is the funniest, wittiest man on the planet!

Do you think I am standing here, making this up as I go? I am sorry to disillusion you. I am not Robin Williams. I am the king of the pen.

I like a very dry wit, not the big kind of humor like Robin Williams.

I don't think I'm capable of that.

I want to be like Robin Williams, really.

It's all the different characters he does, all the different voices.

I think you have everyone kind of pulling on the same end of the rope.

It's not like you're Robin Williams and everyone else is a deaf mute. It's like - there's plenty of help.

I was always the Class Clown and over time became very good at it.

I started doing comedy on stage at the Dallas Comedy Corner where I honed my skills by watching guys like Garry Shandling, Robin Williams, Jay Lena and more.

When I worked with Robin Williams, now there is improv! He is just as funny as you think he is. We did at least five or six takes of every scene, improvising every scene differently. He was a riot.

As an actor, I felt I couldn't compete.

I wasn't as cute as the leading man; I wasn't as brilliant as Robin Williams.

Robin Williams was the kind of generous person who would do things but not want to receive public credit for it.

Aladdin' was probably my favorite Disney animation when I was a kid.

The animation was great and Robin Williams was unbelievable as the Genie. 'Aladdin' was an amazing adventure and the lead character was a hero for guys, which I loved. It wasn't a princess or a girl beating the odds; it was a street rat. That seemed really cool to me.

Robin Williams was an airman, a doctor, a genie, a nanny .

.. and everything in between. But he was one of a kind.

Robin Williams was an airman, a doctor, a genie, a nanny, a president, a professor, a bangarang Peter Pan, and everything in between. But he was one of a kind....He arrived in our lives as an alien but he ended up touching every element of the human spirit

When you snatch little pieces of other people's lives and try to palm them off as your own, that's more disgusting than anything. Robin Williams is a huge thief. Denis Leary is a huge thief. His whole stand-up career is based on Bill Hicks, a brilliant guy who died years ago.

I remember seeing Aladdin when I was five or six and loving it.

I looked at the big screen and said to my mum, Whatever this Genie guy does, I want to do. Mum said I couldnt be a genie, but that Robin Williams, who did the voice-over in the film, was an actor. So I said, OK, then, I want to be an actor.

I indeed had only one scene, one speech, one little speech, but it was with Robin Williams.

Talent grips us. We are overtaken by the beauty of Michelangelo's sculpture, riveted by Mariah Carey's angelic voice, doubled over in laughter by the comedy of Robin Williams, and captivated by the on screen performances of Denzel Washington.

Robin Williams, another person I didn't know. He is genuinely hilarious.

My family's the best so to call and say, 'I'm in a movie with Robin Williams,' and they're like, 'That's ridiculous.' And I'm like, 'Good, as long as you think that, too.' Because as soon as you say, 'I deserve this,' it's over."

I hadn't heard the Gary Cooper thing so I'm not grounded now.

I feel pretty good. That's incredibly nice. When I met Robin [Williams] at the read-through, I remember when he came in, I was so nervous meeting him for the first time is incredible because I did actually write him a letter when I was a kid and told him he was my favorite actor.

Working with Robin Williams, what can you say? He's the best of the best.

What I really liked watching was, not only is he incredible funny, probably the funniest person on Earth which is a tough award to give out, but to see what it really takes to be a huge star is way beyond a good partner being extremely funny.

I think I enjoyed witnessing Robin [Williams] and John play off each other really well, even just joking around in between takes and stuff. I just got to stand back with the crew and be entertained and watch the show in front of me.

Robin [Williams], he's pretty dynamic.

I had a lot of fun but I also felt like there was no onus on me to be funny.

One of the great things about this genie [from Aladdin] is that when Robin Williams created him, and they created this after him, they were allowed to go crazy and when they had to go find someone to play the role live, they had to find someone who was nutty enough to go in different directions.

I used to write my own versions of famous tales, such as William Tell or Robin Hood, and illustrate them myself, too. When I entered my teens, I got more into horror and science fiction and wrote a lot of short stories. A literary education complicated things and for many years I wrote nothing but poetry. Then I got back to story-telling.

Robin Williams learned technique. He has the technique of being funny.

When I used to watch vaudevillian impressionists, people like Rich Little or Frank Gorshin, I always felt like the voice was the only point. I didn't want to do that. I wanted to be of the Robin Williams or Jonathan Winters model, where observation and storytelling was important.

You know what I would do? I would remake The Wizard of Oz with Robin Williams, and that's it. Just let him do the whole dang thing by himself.

Albert [Brooks] was rare in that he could make adults laugh.

He was a prodigy. At age 15 and 16, he could make my dad laugh uncontrollably. And whenever we had parties, some of the funniest people of my generation - whether it was Billy Crystal or Robin Williams or John Belushi - would be doing shtick.

Comedians have varying levels of training.

It can range from classically trained actors (like Robin Williams) to people who took comedy classes to folks who just started doing it. That's the beauty of comedy: it's close to a pure meritocracy.

Robin Williams is great; it's just like having a conversation when you're doing a scene with him really. It's just so relaxed on the set whenever he's around. Also he's just always telling jokes; he's always on. It must be funny for him though because he must think everyone's brain goes so much slower than his. He's working overtime on all these different ideas that pop into his head. Everyone else must feel miles behind!

If I were a teacher, I would like to teach freshman English - so I could be the Robin Williams type in Dead Poets Society. I wanna be that guy. I couldn't teach seniors because they'd be smarter than me.

I remember Robin [Williams] walked up to me after the last take and said, "Thanks boss! We nailed it!" That will probably be one of the best moments of my life.

Robin [Williams] was a world treasure.

As we mourn his tragic death, we must remember him for the great waves of laughter that he was able to illicit from us, how his humor and insights - though they came from a place of pain and uncertainty - connected us and reminded us of how flawed and fragile...how human we are. How we are capable of moments of inspired transcendence and others of unspeakable despair.

The vagaries of the industry and show business itself would not lead one to conclude a lengthy career - because things change. Popularities come and go. The tragedy of it is that somebody like Robin Williams should suffer from that, and be driven to commit suicide. If ever there was an untimely, unfair death, it was him.

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