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Put this in your CD-ROM: www dot Canibus dot com. You can find me on the Internet, talkin' to chicks That was sweatin' me off the 'Music Makes Me High' remix. I be talkin' mad trash, tryin to get 'em to laugh. See, if I click and drag long enough I'll get the ass.

— Canibus

Most Powerful Rom Com quotations

I like so many different kinds of chick flicks. I like rom-coms, I like female friendship movies.

I really like suspense in movies. I don't really like rom-coms. But that being said, as an audience member I really like horror films and actress I really like working with fake blood; I think it's so fun.

Save the Date' feels like a quiet story about two sisters and the men in their lives, kind of reminiscent of the quieter rom-coms of the 1990s; it's very character-driven and not as wedding-focused.

I fervently believe that people shouldn't stay in bad relationships just because of some artificial rom-com notion of true love being "forever." In fact, I think that the pressure of conforming to that framework ruins-literally RUINS-a lot of people's lives.

It's nice that there are movies and songs about romance - it's what motivates us as human beings. I'm all for being brainwashed by rom-coms.

At one time or another, everyone's had the rom-com itch that needs to be scratched.

I'd love to branch out but I have absolutely no interest in romance.

I just don't. The thought of trying to write a rom-com ... it just completely skeeves me out. No!

I get told I'm too good-looking for a lot of roles.

They don't write roles people would think I'm supposed to play as often as they used to - the rom-com pretty-boy storylines.

I feel like a lot of people talk about in rom-coms, there's the female best friend. There's all those archetypes in rom-coms. But even among a movie about man-children hanging out, there is always the one who's often the fat one, often the one with the beard, who is like the man-childest of them all. He's the one that eventually meets the fat girl or the quirky girl of the girl group of friends and really hits it off.

I'd like to try different genres: comedy, period drama, rom-com, action.

Sometime female characters, especially in the genre of something that people consider rom-com, make mistakes in a cute way or they're a mess in a way that's palatable. I like that.

I challenged myself to write/direct a romantic comedy.

People trash talk the rom com, but it's one of the oldest cinematic genres, with stellar origins like Twentieth Century and Trouble in Paradise. I think as audiences lost their innocence, the genre lost its suspense. To create suspense, you need obstacles, so I gave my couple an obstacle that very few people ever overcome: their own behavior and their past.

I'm perfectly happy to have the reputation as a comedian.

I love comedies, I would love to be doing more comedies. But I also feel like I hit the limit on playing the girlfriend type in a lot of rom-coms that aren't actually rom-coms, but guy movies that happen to have girls in them.

You know what I've kind of come to realize is that I'm a huge Drew Barrymore rom-com fan. There are so many of her movies that I love.

Good rom-coms have some reflection of the way things are, the sign of the times.

I would love to do a rom-com, but they are not good - good and successful doesn't equate to the same thing.

You know, women in Hollywood, we don't get action franchises and superheroes.

The rom-coms that made Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, and Reese Witherspoon stars are out of favor right now- nobody is making them. In this business, if you are an ambitious person, you don't wait for people to hand you opportunities. You have to make a way for yourself.

I'm a huge fan of Brad Pitt. He could have done rom-coms his entire career, but he took it in a different direction.