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I ask you to stand by my side in the next five years. We shall live a good life in a Romania of all Romanians. — Traian Basescu

Romania will continue to fulfil its obligations in Afghanistan and Iraq. — Traian Basescu

Romania and Bulgaria were particularly irresponsible. If they wanted to diminish their chances of joining Europe they could not have found a better way. — Jacques Chirac

There is no such thing as several Romanias, but only politicians who divide Romania depending on the interests of their parties and their clout. — Traian Basescu

Oh, life is a glorious cycle of song, a medley of extemporanea, And love is a thing that can never go wrong, and I am Marie of Romania. — Dorothy Parker

One of the most difficult times in my life was when I escaped from Romania in November of 1989. — Nadia Comaneci

Of course, I grew up in Communist Romania, but I am happy to say that now our country is democratic, and prospering, since the revolution in 1989. — Nadia Comaneci

Probably Romania and China and Russia. I think they're all working really hard to beat us right now. — Carly Patterson