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I like to watch good football so I like to watch good players. I like Cristiano Ronaldo, Andres Iniesta, Xavi and Wayne Rooney.

— Neymar

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Rooney is one of the best players in the world and I love watching him play.

But if you had to pick out only one, then for their history and for all that they have achieved it would have to be Paul Scholes or Ryan Giggs. They are two shining examples for any player.

In England, Rooney is a world-class footballer in the world.

My ideal trident would be myself alongside Rooney and Messi.

They are the players who make me dream - not Cristiano.

It's the best thing to happen to a sport, that you have a superstar.

In football there is always something to write about the Beckhams, same as people want to write about Rooney or Hooney or whatever his bloody name is.

Fella’s a genius. Best ever by a distance in my life time. Never really saw Pele… Souness, Gullit, Venables and now Rooney agree Messi is the best they have seen. He plays a game with which we are not familiar.

Im looking forward to the World Cup because I believe Wayne Rooney could be one of the major finds in world football.

[Wayne Rooney] has to be viewed as a great England striker if he breaks Sir Bobby Charlton's record. Scoring goals at international level is much more difficult than it was a few years back because even the lesser teams are well organised and don't concede too many goals these days.

My great uncle Pvt. Tommy Rooney, USMC, was killed on Guam during the Pacific Campaign in World War II. I was named after him, so I always thought about him and wearing the uniform. The JAG Corps gave me that opportunity after law school.

I dont mean to in any way impugn the makers of Bentley, but that car is nuts.

When I do drive, I drive a Toyota Prius. So driving around the streets of Albuquerque in a Bentley made me feel so fake-a-rooney.

There have been more things wrong with England than just Wayne Rooney in the last few years.

Everyone went crazy over Wayne Rooney, but I get more excited by Cristiano Ronaldo.

It's one thing to tell a front man to drop off and fill in the hole behind, but if they don't know why they are doing it, it is not an easy thing to teach. But Rooney's just got it.

I don't consider success doing a show for 30 years;

I'm sorry. To me, you're successful when you graduate from something. I did a series, I did a talk show, I did movies, I replaced Mickey Rooney [on Broadway] in "Sugar Babies." You understand?

Sentences I never thought I would write.

(1) That John Prescott certainly has a way with the ladies. (2) Give it to Steve McClaren, he seems like the man for the England job. (3) Peter Crouch is the man to replace Rooney.

Regular readers will know I'm a fan of (Cristiano) Ronaldo, and an even bigger fan of the man who's assumed his mantle with quite astonishing success, Wayne Rooney. But Messi is on a higher plain than even that pair.

The best player I ever played against is Thierry Henry.

He was something else; i've played against Rooney and Ronaldo and players like that but i think he was the best player ever to play in the Premier League

Rooney, of course, he believes that he is the reason that people stick around all the way through the show. They'll put up with anything, you know, in order to get to Rooney, and that's why we're at number 16 or 14 or whatever.

But, as always, Mr. Rooney would come over and shake your hand and congratulate you on a good game, no matter what the situation was.

[Wayne Rooney] best tournament was the 2004 European Championships, when he played alongside me and made such a big impact, but it hasn't happened for him at the World Cup for one reason or another.

Well he's only 20. Without question, he's the best youngest player I've seen in my time... If he keeps developing and matures ? goodness knows what he will become. At the moment he's a breathe of fresh air. (on Wayne Rooney)

Some people around me said "Get a tux and live this and enjoy this" and that's what I did. It was a fun experience. On the red carpet, I was just behind Rooney Mara who I adore, and I had to not act too conspicuously because my girlfriend was there. Behind me, there was Glenn Close. So, it was kind of interesting.

I found that with Rooney, her instincts in films was always to underplay and to sort of reduce down what was necessary to bring you in - a sense of economy, a sense of scale, which just seemed to understand the medium so well. When you see that in a younger actor, I always think it speaks to incredible knowledge. I can't exactly figure out where that comes from, that confidence to know how to be quiet.

With her first Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Rooney Mara gave fashion fans a new Gothic-chic muse.

It's very hard to dismantle the ball off Wayne Rooney

England are very light up front. Eriksson's decision not to include Jermaine Defoe can be declared an error of judgment, regardless of Rooney's situation. The Swede should have forgone one of his nine midfield players; much will have to go wrong for Jermaine Jenas to get a game.

No, Wayne (Rooney) doesn’t need it (tips about style).

He has his own style. But with hair he looks much better. He looks very good now. Before, he was a little bit ugly, but now, with hair, he’s beautiful.

There was an interesting development in the CBS-Westmoreland trial: both sides agreed that after the trial, Andy Rooney would be allowed to talk to the jury for three minutes about little things that annoyed him during the trial.

He's Wayne Rooney - a good character and a lively character,He's been very helpful and understanding and has certainly made me feel welcome at international level and on club duty. He's a fantastic player and you can only learn from him. It's great to have him around.

What do you think of Manchester Uniteds three Rs - Rooney, Ronaldo and van Nistelrooy?

His temperament is always there to be questioned because he plays on the edge.

That is just the way he plays. It is a cliche but if you took that edge away from Wayne he wouldn't be the same player and I would rather have the Wayne Rooney we have now.

Nothing drives me more than to, hopefully, be able to hand (Steelers chairman Dan Rooney) that fifth (Vince Lombardi) trophy. If I can do that, then I would think, that when he brought me here, I finally accomplished what he wanted me to do.

Rooney has those things that you cannot teach players - the positions he takes up just behind the front men is a European trait.

Rooney's good but not the best in Manchester.