Stunning Rotten Tomatoes quotations

I would like it to be certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

For as long as I can remember, my father saved.

He saves money, he saves disfigured sticks that resemble disfigured celebrities, and most of all, he saves food. Cherry tomatoes, sausage biscuits, the olives plucked from other people's martinis --he hides these things in strange places until they are rotten. And then he eats them.

Don't give me no rotten tomato, 'cause all I ever wanted was your sweet potato.

I am not so concerned with how many Rotten Tomatoes we have - although the good reviews are to be wished for, of course - but I have my hands full in the daily housekeeping of doing Maura right and being truthful to this experience.

Almost any show that has reviewers behind it, Rotten Tomatoes behind it, will find a way to survive.

It's uncomfortable for me, but at least they're bouquets.

They're not bricks or tomatoes yet, although it's gonna feel nice to get that big, rotten tomato right in the face, just get it out of the way.

Meryl [Stripe]spoke out about the low percentage of female critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Why are there 760 male critics and just 168 women? You are immediately [biased] on what kind of films you are being told to go see. What are you told are good films? Male films.