quote by Brad Renfro

Mickey Rourke was the Brad Renfro of the '80s.

— Brad Renfro

Most Powerful Rourke quotations

When my friends were besotted with Jason Donovan, my heroes were Colm O'Rourke and Barney Rock

Mickey Rourke's character in 'The Wrestler' - that was my dad, that was my uncles, that was so many members of my family. It was the only thing they knew. And then they would end up wrestling for a hundred bucks, go to autograph signings for two hundred bucks.

The only film I've enjoyed starring a wrestler was Mickey Rourke in 'The Wrestler.'

No one ever asks me about Breeze O'Rourke! I did the pilot for[Payne] right after Jawbreaker, or at least right around the same time, and it was an Americanized version of Fawlty Towers. That was the first time I worked with John Larroquette, and it was definitely not the last time.

I love Mickey Rourke. I think he's an all-American classic. He's great.

The question of art songs always came up with Gastr del Sol.

I think Jim O'Rourke had it right in being clear that there's a tradition of art song - Ives being the touchstone for the two of us - and what we do doesn't belong to it. It wasn't important to advance those kinds of distinctions, but clearly he thought it was fanciful for anyone to speak of what we were doing as being in that tradition.

I tried to change my name for the fights, but the only way they could pay me money was if I used my own name. I wanted to change my name to, like, Romeo something-or-other, and they said, "No, we can't do that. We've got to use Mickey Rourke." Because they paid me a lot of money to go over to Europe and Asia to fight.

Mickey [Rourke] one time just basically drove off in the picture car that we were driving in. For my amusement. It was either to kidnap me or for my amusement.

Working with the kind of talent that I've gotten to work with, like the cast of Sin City, it makes me think probably more fully dimensionally about what is going on behind their eyes. But I draw the way I draw, and ain't nothing gonna change that. Although, I draw Marv and I think, "Boy, I could throw a little Mickey [Rourke] in there."

I was a big Mickey Rourke fan in his first incarnation.

I thought that at the time he was America's greatest screen actor.

I've heard some duff Irish accents. The worst must be Mickey Rourke.

Of course when people are as talented as Jim O'Rourke or Gene Coleman, pretty soon you know that they're going to be part of the bigger scene anyway.

Utilizing a unique acoustic blend never heard previously, the Aaron O’Rourke Trio has made a fine debut recording that is sure to please old and new grass fans alike.

Those who do not know history are probably also not doing well in English or math. P.J. O'Rourke