quote by Nelson Demille

There are Mafia families that have bought magnificent houses on the North Shore, although not yet the great estates because they don't want that kind of high profile.

— Nelson Demille

Bumbling Russian Mafia quotations

Triple 6 Mafia and Mystikal in Atlanta was one of my first shows.

I remember how sweaty and smashed up everybody was, and it was so punk rock.

I came to think that nobody from England could draw American comic books, because they were clearly all done by this sort of Mafia, all these guys with Italian and Irish names who had the whole thing sewn up. It was actually seeing a comic book drawn by Barry Smith, who was about my age, and English.

When we were doing 'The Sopranos', I used to love that about it.

There were rules, Mafia codes you had to go by, but the code is ridiculous. It's a code among sociopaths.

I'm a big fan of TIËSTO, and SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA are awesome. I absolutely want to work with them.

The post-Soviet mafia wove a spider's web of dirty money around the world.

Where better to attack it than to start with the Ukrainian criminal heavyweights - the 'family' and its closest circle?

Russia's biggest problem is organized crime and its leaders are influenced by the Russian mafia. But it's not right to call it a Russian mafia, it's a Jewish mafia.

Now everybody is mafia. You got the Russian mafia, the Mexican mafia. Everybody is mafia these days.

This is why you must love life: one day you're offering up your social security number to the Russian Mafia; two weeks later you're using the word calve as a verb.

And still she felt more confident at the prospect of taking on the Russian Mafia than she did attending a backyard barbecue.

The only other scenario that could explain everything, up to and including your own bizarre apperance, is a convoluted conspiracy theory involving the Russian Mafia and a crack team of plastic surgeons.