quote by Neymar

I'm a bit sad because I'm leaving my cherished team in a city where I grew up and where I played for nine years in Santos. But I'm even happier to be facing a new challenge and for making a dream come true.

— Neymar

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The ninos santos (Psilocybe mexicana) heal.

They lower fevers, cure colds, and give freedom from toothaches. They pull the evil spirits out of the body or free the spirit of the sick.

Since the Cuban Revolution and since the invasion of Santo Domingo a state of emergency has existed in Latin America. The Marines shoot at anything that moves, regardless of partyaffiliation.

My greatest idol– I’'ve always told everyone – was Robinho as he was from Santos and I was always following him, so I'’m a great fan. Among others, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho Gaúcho, Kaká. Many of them.

In September 2008, more than 3 million people in the state of Espirito Santo in Brazil were plunged into darkness, victims of a blackmail operation from cyber pirates.

On December 7, 2059, Emilio Sandoz was released from the isolation ward of Salvator Mundi Hospital in the middle of the night and transported in a bread van to the Jesuit residence at Number 5 Borgo Santo Spirito, a few minutes' walk across St. Peter's Square from the Vatican.

I played for Santos at 16, and we had an excellent team, so it helped a lot.

And then I played for Brazil at the Maracana against Argentina. So I get more experience. This was one year before the World Cup, and it made a lot of difference.

[Immigrating] didn't burn out my desire to travel, though that can happen.

There's nothing like immigration to make you want to just stay put. But what I think of as home is this life between Santo Domingo and the parts of New Jersey and New York City that were my childhood, so in my mind it's like home is all those things combined.

May the Santo Niño continue to bless the Philippines and may he sustain the Christians of this great nation in their vocation to be witnesses and missionaries of the joy of the Gospel, in Asia and in the whole world.

I would only spend a week or two in the Philippines, most probably the week during my birthday because I am planning to give away Christmas gifts to the poor people of General Santos just like what I did last year.

I never thought that my creation, would allow brothers to kill brothers.

(after seeing his invention being used in war, The Airplane) Alberto Santos-Dumont

It might interest you that just as the U.

S. was ramping up its involvement in Vietnam, LBJ launched an illegal invasion of the Dominican Republic (April 28, 1965). (Santo Domingo was Iraq before Iraq was Iraq.)