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Not by gain our life is measured, But by what we've lost 'Tis scored; 'Tis not how much wine is drunken But how much has been outpoured. For the strength of love never standeth In the sacrifice we bear; He who has the greatest suffering Ever has the most to share.

— Watchman Nee

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I felt that one had better die fighting against injustice than to die like a dog or rat in a trap. I had already determined to sell my life as dearly as possible if attacked. I felt if I could take one lyncher with me, this would even up the score a little bit.

Scores quote The score will take care of itself when you take care of the effort that precede
The score will take care of itself when you take care of the effort that precedes the score.

It's best being a striker. If you miss five then score the winner, you're a hero. The goalkeeper can play a blinder, then let one in… and he's a villain.

Scores quote You can't score a goal, if you don't take a shot.
You can't score a goal, if you don't take a shot.
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I'm not the sort of person who poses in their underwear.

I hate the red carpet. I prefer the green grass. After the games the highlights show mostly the goals, scoring chances, assists. The spectator tends not to remember that as a goalkeeper I make difficult saves at great risk and start moves with my efforts.

A clean, hard-fought wrestling match is the most honest of athletic contests.

There is no technological interventions, no teammates to blame, no panel of judges to bias the score. In wrestling, you compete or you quit. No alibis. I like that

If I had to choose between dribbling past 5 players and scoring from 40 yards at Anfield or shagging miss world, it'd be a hard choice. Thankfully, i've done both

Scores quote A teacher is more than a test score and so is a child.
A teacher is more than a test score and so is a child.

Test scores and measures of achievement tell you where a student is, but they don't tell you where a student could end up.

A lot of people, when a guy scores a lot of goals, think, 'He's a great player', because a goal is very important, but a great player is a player who can do everything on the field. He can do assists, encourage his colleagues, give them confidence to go forward. It is someone who, when a team does not do well, becomes one of the leaders.

A good score should have a point of view all of its own.

It should transcend all that has gone before, stand on its own two feet and still serve the movie. A great soundtrack is all about communicating with the audience, but we all try to bring something extra to the movie that is not entirely evident on screen.

Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game.

Even the best team, without a sound plan, can't score.

There are scores of people waiting for someone just like us to come along;

people who will appreciate our compassion, our encouragement, who will need our unique talents. Someone who will live a happier life merely because we took the time to share what we had to give.

I've never scored a goal in my life without getting a pass from someone else.

If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score?

Teenagers all think their life is a movie.

If you break up with someone or you have a fight, you walk around with movie scores playing in your head. You sort of see yourself suffering as you're suffering. There's a lot of melodrama attached to the real events of your life.

The real way to enjoy playing golf is to take pleasure not in the score, but in the execution of strokes.

Messi scores a goal and celebrates. Cristiano scores a goal and poses like he's in a shampoo commercial.

What we are working for is an educational program that has become a resource and rallying point for scores of brave southerners who are leading the fight for justice and better race relations in these crucial days

The Big Valbowski is a lot like a Hakeem Olajuwan, either he's taking the hook shot from the outside or driving down the lane on the inside, he always scores!

Grace cannot prevail...until our lifelong certainty that someone is keeping score has run out of steam and collapsed.

If you're playing for five hours you don't want to score goals all the time and I loved dribbling. I could score a goal, but I preferred to dribble.

Messi is out of this world. Scoring 86 goals this year... In 2012. What an incredible accomplishment

Always keep your composure. You can't score from the penalty box; and to win, you have to score.

Winning Forever is not about the final score;

it's about competing and striving to be the best. If you are in this pursuit, then you're already winning.

One who doesn't throw the dice can never expect to score a six.

Chaos is the score upon which reality is written.

SCORE - SCORE may refer to: SCORE (software), a music scorewriter program SCORE (television), a weekend sports service of the defunct Financial News Network SCORE

Film score - A film score is original music written specifically to accompany a film. The score forms part of the film's soundtrack, which also, usually includes pre-existing

Bishop score - Bishop score, also Bishop's score, also known as cervix score is a pre-labor scoring system to assist in predicting whether induction of labor will be

The Score - The Score may refer to: The Score (1978 film), a 1978 Swedish film, released in Sweden as Lyftet The Score (2001 film), a 2001 crime drama film starring

Standard score - In statistics, the standard score is the number of standard deviations by which the value of a raw score (i.e., an observed value or data point) is above

Credit score - A credit score is a numerical expression based on a level analysis of a person's credit files, to represent the creditworthiness of an individual. A credit

F1 score - In statistical analysis of binary classification, the F1 score (also F-score or F-measure) is a measure of a test's accuracy. It considers both the precision

Musical score - Musical score may refer to: Manuscript paper (also staff paper or music paper), paper preprinted with staffs ready for musical notation Piano-vocal score, a

SOFA score - sequential organ failure assessment score (SOFA score), previously known as the sepsis-related organ failure assessment score, is used to track a person's status

You'd better hurry up, they'll be waiting for 'the Chosen Captain' — 'The Boy Who Scored'— whatever they call you these days.

My homies that are around me never give me that 'star pass'.

I've hung out with some stars who are playing basketball and everyone let's them score all the baskets. Shooting pool, they let them make all the shots. My homies don't let me get away with that.

Go my favorite sports team go! Score a goal.

Unit. Basket. Go squadron! Defeat the opponents soundly in this...skirmish.

A grandmaster needs to retain thousands of games in his head, for games are to him what the words of their mother tongue are to ordinary people, or notes or scores to musicians.

It might be argued that genuine spontaneity is not really possible or desirable so long as printed scores of great works exist. All modern musicians are, for better or worse, prisoners of Gutenberg.

Sometimes in football you have to score goals.

Music was the one thing I could control.

It was the one world that offered me freedom. When I played music, my nightmares ended. My family problems disappeared. I didnt have to search for answers. The answers lay no further than the bell of my trumpet and my scrawled, pencilled scores. Music made me full, strong, popular, self-reliant and cool.

I like David Beckham just because of his lifestyle.

He don't ever need to score another goal again. How many times has he been on the cover of GQ?

Every time I step on the field, I'm going to give my whole heart regardless of the score.