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I like to call it 'album making' because everybody hears the word scrapbooking and thinks, 'All the glue and the glitter - I don't have time for that!' — Nancy O'Dell

When you save book reports, art projects and put them in a scrapbook, it shows a kid you care and you are taking an interest in their lives. — Nancy O'Dell

I always think clothing is like a scrapbook: you remember all the good memories and the past times. — Cynthia Rowley

Every one of those old songs like "What's My Age Again?" and "All the Small Things" is like a tattoo or a scrapbook or an old photograph. There are just songs that define certain moments in your life. Everyone has a song that got them through a bad breakup or they put on and it made them feel like they wanted to go out and kick the world's ass with their friends on a weekend. Those songs still feel like that to me. — Mark Hoppus

Maybe the body is taking responsibility where the mind is not. It's scrapbooking for us. — Heidi Julavits

I've subsequently become conscious of MAKING MEMORIES. Which makes me sound like a scrapbooker. — Heidi Julavits

I started writing when I was 5 years old. I would dictate stories to my mother, and she would copy them in a scrapbook. If she changed anything to make it, in her opinion, better, I would throw a tantrum. — Tom Robbins

When I was 2, I used to put pictures of the Manhattan skyline in a little scrapbook. And I used to wear American 'stars and stripe' vests and Daytona Beach stuff and they used to call me 'The Little Yankee.' Thank you to my producers for having faith in a little nobody from Lancashire. — Tracie Bennett