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To make a great film need three things - the script, the script and the script.

I only sound intelligent when there's a good script writer around. — Christian Bale

We had a script reading, and that's where we met J.K. Rowling, which was really exciting. — Rupert Grint

If it's a good script I'll do it. And if it's a bad script, and they pay me enough, I'll do it. — George Burns

I want to aspire to something like what Denzel Washington does, which is try to find scripts written for white actors - or Jodie Foster, who reads scripts for male actors. — Wentworth Miller

Most actors go, 'I read the script and fell in love with it'; I fall in love with the directors. — Sam Worthington

I don't start writing a script until I can see it all in my head, then it's a matter of getting it down in white heat. — J. Michael Straczynski

What I appreciated was the fact that the script delved into how Australians were - and still are - condescended to by the English. — Geoffrey Rush

Ever since the movie premiered at Cannes, I've had a sudden surge of scripts and interest. — Berenice Bejo

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