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Recollect that you must be a seaman to be an officer and also that you cannot be a good officer without being a gentleman.

— Horatio Nelson

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I do not know whether I have been a good seaman, but I know I have been a very faithful one.

For every Seaman of Industry and Ingenuity, is not only a Navigator, but a Merchant, and also a Soldier.

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America was discovered accidentally by a great seaman who was looking for something else; when discovered it was not wanted; and most of the exploration for the next fifty years was done in the hope of getting through or around it. America was named after a man who discovered no part of the New World. History is like that, very chancy.

The seaman tells stories of winds, the ploughman of bulls;

the soldier details his wounds, the shepherd his sheep.

He [Columbus] enjoyed long stretches of pure delight such as only a seaman may know, and moments of high, proud exultation that only a discoverer can experience.

Put together a seaman, soldier and airman and what do you get? The sum of all fears.

Every Sailor has the potential to lead," said Mullen, "I don't care if it's a seaman recruit or someone higher ranking than myself. Where there's a will, there's a way.

It's extremely difficult to get these jobs because you can't get a job on a ship unless you have seaman's paper's, and you can't get seaman's papers unless you have a job on a ship. There had to be a way to break through the circle, and he was the one who arranged it for me.

The humblest craft that floats makes its appeal to a seaman by the faithfulness of her life.

I was a tried seaman when, for the first time, I set foot upon the soil of my country, and took up my residence where my people had lived for over two hundred years.

Like a red morn that ever yet betokened, Wreck to the seaman, tempest to the field, Sorrow to the shepherds, woe unto the birds, Gusts and foul flaws to herdmen and to herds.

For there is nothing mysterious to a seaman unless it be the sea itself, which is the mistress of his existence.

That Seaman is a handsome young man but he spends too much time looking in his mirror rather than at the ball. You can't keep goal with hair like that.

Heads of state are notoriously ill prepared for their mature careers;

think of Adolf Hitler (landscape painter), Ho Chi Minh (seaman), and our own Ronald Reagan.

It is surely a matter of common observation that a man who knows no one thing intimately has no views worth hearing on things in general. The farmer philosophizes in terms of crops, soils, markets, and implements, the mechanic generalizes his experiences of wood and iron, the seaman reaches similar conclusions by his own special road; and if the scholar keeps pace with these it must be by an equally virile productivity.

I was an able-seaman, a deck hand. As I say, it's the way to see the world and get paid for it.

Every seaman is not only a navigator, but a merchant and also a soldier.

I sum up the prospects for 1967 in three short sentences.

We are back on course. The ship is picking up speed. The economy is moving. Every seaman knows the command at such a moment: 'steady as she goes'.

And Seaman, just like a falling oak, manages to change direction.

There's no way the future's over for Martin Keown, Tony Adams or David Seaman.

I sometimes think it ironic for an ex-seaman, longshoreman, truck driver, policeman, bus driver, etc... to find success writing children's novels.

I'm not trying to make excuses for David Seaman, but I think the lights may have been a problem.

One ship is very much like another and the sea is always the same.

In the immutability of their surroundings the foreign shores, the foreign faces, the changing immensity of life, glide past, veiled not by a sense of mystery but by a slightly disdainful ignorance; for there is nothing mysterious to a seaman unless it be the sea itself, which is the mistress of his existence and as inscrutable as Destiny.

Your music can be played easily and well by any half-stringed harper or fumble-fingered idiot. Not that I'm maligning your songs. It's just that they're an entirely different kettle of fish-to use a seamanly metaphor-to Domick's. Don't you judge your songs against his standard! More people have already listened to your melodies and liked them than will ever hear Domick's, much less like them.

As an enlisted sailor, I don't feel that the Navy is advancing me in rank fast enough, so I'm going to change my last name to Stains. My guess is they would rather promote me than to have to refer to me as Seaman Stains.

Demon?” Gwen gasped out. Her back jerked ramrod-straight, and her face leeched of color. “Did you just say demon?” Oh, uh…did I say that?” Strider once again glanced around the plane helplessly. “No, no. I think I said seaman.