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Real loss is only possible when you love something more than you love yourself.

— Robin Williams

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Find people who love you unconditionally, surround yourself with them, and bring them the same level of intensity.

My mom keeps me going, man. She deserves such a good life. I just wanna give it to her. My dad, too. My family, my friends, they keep me motivated. Just knowing my personal legend, just knowing what I'm supposed to do, that keeps me going.

I think gold is made for kings and pharaohs - that's what I am.

Todd Glass has amazing energy on stage.

Dave Attell is one of my favorites because he's a one liner comic who is always incredibly in the moment with the audience. As for newer people, I think Adrienne Iapalucci writes some great, dark jokes and Sean Patton has a hilarious voice on stage.

Their coverage on the Fox News Channel has been atrocious.

The stuff that comes out of Sean Hannity's mouth has been infuriating. The stuff that Bill O'Reilly says has been illogical. You go up and down the schedule and it's insanity over there. The number of lies, perpetuated, promoted by Fox News is just shameful and it hurts everybody.

Shawn Carter is nice, but Sean Price is the best.

I say, 'I will not be your weakness, Sean Kendrick.

' Now he looks at me. He says, very softly, 'It's late for that, Puck.

Until you take ownership for your life, you will always be chasing happiness.

I just loved the coolness of [Sean] Connery's Bond. He just sort of oozes cool.

I'll take you to Mickey D's," said Sean.

"I'll buy you a hamburger." Annie was not thrilled. Sean's offer did not compare to offers made in other centuries. "And fries," Sean said. "And a vanilla milkshake." Annie remained unthrilled. "Okay, okay. You can have a Big Mac." Romance in my century, she thought, is pitiful.

The Mother of Ignorance is always pregnant. But at Sean Price house, the b**ch have twins!

And it struck me then, that I liked Sean because he looked, well, slutty.

A boy who had been around. A boy who couldn't remember if he was Catholic or not.

The varying physical characteristics of the actors may also necessitate changes.

Sean Connery is six feet four. Dustin Hoffman isn't.

We were able to shoot in a lot of the locations where the mission actually happened and these guys existed, so that was kind of very affecting. We had a Czech crew and a lot of Czech actors. There's a great deal of authenticity to the project [Anthropoid], and Sean [Ellis] was very anxious that that was the case from the beginning.

Two of the actors, Sean Bean and Orlando Bloom, have been caught between two landslides and are now trapped in a tiny town in the middle of the South Island. They have been taken in by a kindly woman who has offered them food and a bed. They were last reported to be cooking spaghetti and cracking into a bottle of red wine.

Daniel Day-Lewis and Sean Penn to me are the two best actors of all time.

I'm just glad to have the pleasure to be in an era that they're acting while I'm acting. They're probably the best actors in my mind.

I married two weeks after my 18th birthday, far too young, and by the time I was 23 I was a single mother of three small children, Sean, Daniel and Victoria, living in a prefab house.

I used to ask Sean questions about acting.

He's a brilliant actor, but I could never digest his information. I work primarily on an intuitive level.

I just remember I wanted to make my own dynasty and not keep following trends.

I wanted to make my own.

The match would have to be made at 165 pounds.

Sean can't make 160 any more, even though he's drinking lite beer these days

I used to ask Sean questions about acting.

He's a brilliant actor, but I could never digest his information. I work primarily on an intuitive level.

A handful of older, romantic leading men, like Sean Connery, Jack Nicholson, and Robert Redford are still landing parts.

I describe me sound as international: reggae, pop, rap, R&B all in one.

I think I have my own style. I can't really even describe it. People say, "What type of genre is your music?" It's Sean Kingston genre. I have my own genre. No disrespect to no artist or dudes out there. I feel like I am my own person. I am doing my own thing.

I had an existential crisis at the Oscars, sitting next to Sean Penn and Meryl Streep, and being like, 'What am I doing here? I don't belong here'. I felt like it could all be taken away.

And I'm going to tell the truth: I didn't like that Sean Penn movie Into the Wild so much. Yes! I know it was critically acclaimed. I know it won all these awards! It's very sad that a boy is dead and all. But I thought the movie Enchanted, with the singing princess and the chipmunk and the people dancing in Central Park, was cuter. So there!

De Niro was a hero of mine. And Sean Penn. But I've realized I can't operate at that level of intensity. That's okay for movies. On TV, when you live with horror day in and day out, you have to protect yourself.

When I first met Sean Connery he was as charming and wonderful as I first anticipated. I left Rome thinking: even if I don't do this, at least I have had a day with Sean.

Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity would sit down and eat a steak with Keith Olbermann and Barack Obama before they would dine on tofu and asparagus with me!

Sean Chen has been an audience favorite from the early rounds.

With his floppy hair and outstanding stage presence combined with an extraordinary technique and musicianship, this is little wonder.

I like men who are very cool but also so brilliant that they are almost insane.

Sean Penn, Gary Oldman, Tom Waits - men who would be flipping burgers if they hadn't found an outlet for their brilliant mind-sets. I also like men who have hands with big masculine veins that you can squish and move.

I'm still Sean that me mates went to school with, not Sean the film star.

And that's the way I prefer to be.

The world still hasn't seen the best of Sean Paul.

A few years ago, for my birthday, Sean Price Williams said, "I'll give you one free day of shooting." He shot Kati with an I and co-shot Fake It So Real. While we've always worked together, I didn't want him to do it for free, so he cashed in his birthday chip and came for this one day.

When I did Sean Penn’s movie, I think I was living in, like, a $500-a-month room, and someone called me up or bumped into me and asked me if I’d come up to work for a day. That sort of got me going a little bit. But it wasn’t until Sin City [2005] that I kind of got back into the game.

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