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Well, I'm certainly not Ragnor Fell the exotic dancer.

— Cassandra Clare

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She had always wanted a brother. And she had one now. Sebastian. It was like always wanting a puppy and being a hellhound instead.

My advice for Sebastian Kehl is: if you have a 35-point deficit in the league, it is better to shut up.

And I don’t see how Sebastian can be all that fond of Jace, either.

He was horribly jealous of him all his life. He thought Jace was Valentine’s favorite,” added Clary. “Not to mention,” Magnus noted, “that Jace killed him. That would put anyone off.

You asked me who I belong to. I belong to you.

I have a fetish for damsels in distress.

” “Don’t be sexist.” “Not at all. My services are also available to gentlemen in distress. It’s an equal opportunity fetish.

(Jace) "Is there anything special you want to see? Paris? Budapest? The Leaning Tower of Pisa?" Only if it falls on Sebastian's head, she thought.

Puffy's the only guy who's jealous. All drummers want to be singers. I think it's a myth that the singer needs to be the focus. Bands perpetuate that myth. With somebody like Sebastian Bach it makes sense. Look at him. He could be in an Avon ad.

The next stage of Sebastian Vettel Formula One career will be spent with Scuderia Ferrari and for Sebastian Vettel Scuderia Ferrari means the dream of a lifetime has come true, When I was a kid, Michael Schumacher in the red car was my greatest idol and now it 's an incredible honor to finally get the chance to drive a Ferrari.

Making 'Birdsong,' on the one hand you have how prestigious it is and the reputation of the book, which is something that's an extraordinary piece of work. Sebastian Faulkes is a genius. So you feel that responsibility when you're portraying that character that he's imagined and millions of readers have pictured.

You never cared that I was your sister before.

” “Didn’t I?” His black eyes flicked up and down her. “Our father’s dead,” he said. “There are no other relatives. You and I, we are the last. The last of the Morgensterns. You are the only one left whose blood runs in my veins, too. You are my last chance.

And just like you, I will die at some unknown date in the future.

I just come equipped with a few extra powers. (Sebastian) I see. I’m a Toyota. You’re a Lamborghini.(Channon)

I would send the complete works of Johann Sebastian Bach into outer space on the Voyager spacecraft. But that would be boasting.

Sebastian [ Vettel] can also learn to be more laid-back.

It's never too late to learn. He's got some way to go. He's young and will turn out well. I'm not worried about that. He'll raise the bar ever higher.

When people ask me how is it I was a musician, I facetiously say that I'm a firm believer in reincarnation and in a previous life I was Johann Sebastian Bach's guide dog.

I became a great runner because if you're a kid in Leeds and your name is Sebastian you've got to become a great runner.

That's why it's called Sebastian Bach.

I mean, it's a permanent band, pretty much, but if I jam with other people, it just makes a better album, I think.

Be kind to dragons, for thou art crunchy when toasted and taste good with ketchup. (Sebastian)

I was born February 20, 1937 in Munchen as the first child of Sebastian and Helene Huber.

When it comes to electronic music, I started listening to a lot of Daft Punk, way before I knew what house music was, and then progressed into a lot of Steve Angello, Eric Prydz, Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Laidback Luke.

Look, I promise I’m not psychotic. Eccentric and idiosyncratic, but not psychotic. (Sebastian) I’ll bet the prisons are full of men who have told women that. (Channon)

The Death Star is just full of British actors opening doors and going,Oh.

.. I... oh... What is it Lieutenant Sebastian? It's just the Rebels, sir... they're here. My God, man! Do they want tea? No, I think they're after something a bit more than that, sir. I don't know what it is, but they've brought a flag. Damn, that's dash cunning of them.

She felt dirty all over and looking over Sebastian, sweat on his brow and his naked torso barely covered by the sheets, she had to swallow back bile at what she'd just done.

If one were asked to name one musician who came closest to composing without human flaw, I suppose general consensus would choose Johann Sebastian Bach.

Maybe he's lonely. Sebastian can't be the greatest company." "We don't know that. He could be absolutely fantastic at Scrabble," said Magnus.

Antonio: Will you stay no longer? nor will you not that I go with you? Sebastian: By your patience, no. My stars shine darkly over me; the malignancy of my fate might, perhaps, distemper yours; therefore I shall crave of you your leave that I may bear my evils alone. It were a bad recompense for your love to lay any of them on you.

Romanian? That's impressive," said Jace.

"Not many people speak it." "Do you?" Sebastian asked with interest. "Not really," Jace said with a smile so disarming Simon knew he was lying. "My Romanian is pretty much limited to useful phrases like, 'Are these snakes poisonous?' and 'But you look much too young to be a police officer.

Lewis [Hamilton] is a hero in the UK.

The British love Formula One. Sebastian (Vettel) is also not doing much for F1. People hardly recognize him on the street.

When I look at founders and CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook and Brian Chesky at Airbnb and Sebastian Thrun at Udacity, these are companies that are creating extraordinary social good and extraordinary economic and educational empowerment, all within with context of a for-profit model.

If it's your wish, I will follow you everywhere even if your throne crumbles, and your shiny crown turns to rust. Even if the bodies pile up endlessly, above the bottomless pile of corpses. Beside you as you lie softly down I will be until I hear the word "Check mate!"- Sebastian

Kill me, little sister. Kill me and you kill Jace, too.

I am pleased with the race and happy with fourth position.

It was a real shame for the team that Felipe had an issue at the start. It was a lonely race but the final 20 laps were very tough. Sebastian was quicker than me, and closed up behind very fast, but the fight was really good fun. I know a few tricks that can really help to defend and they all worked today, and I am delighted to come out on top today.

You're sitting on my bed," he said. "Did yo think I was under it?

You mean you haven’t been going on romantic dates with Sebastian while you’ve been away from me?” “I tried,” Jace said, “but no matter how liquored up you get him, he just won’t put out.

I don’t like keeping her in the dark,” Jace said.

“We’ll tell her in a week. What difference does a week make?” Jace gave him a look. “Two weeks ago you were dead.” “Well, I wasn’t suggesting two weeks,” said Sebastian. “That would be insane.

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