Pioneering Sebastian Verlac quotations

Well, I'm certainly not Ragnor Fell the exotic dancer.

I have a fetish for damsels in distress.

” “Don’t be sexist.” “Not at all. My services are also available to gentlemen in distress. It’s an equal opportunity fetish.

You never cared that I was your sister before.

” “Didn’t I?” His black eyes flicked up and down her. “Our father’s dead,” he said. “There are no other relatives. You and I, we are the last. The last of the Morgensterns. You are the only one left whose blood runs in my veins, too. You are my last chance.

Kill me, little sister. Kill me and you kill Jace, too.

You have a dark heart in you, Valentine’s daughter,” he said.

“You just won’t admit it. And if you want Jace, you had better accept it. Because he belongs to me now.

Well, hello there, Mother,” Sebastian said in a voice like silk. “Surprised to see me?