quote by David Milne

Well, I think first of all, probably the most fundamental thing is that we are a mixed-signal analog semiconductor company, which, along with some of the other well-known names in the industry, enjoys very good economics.

— David Milne

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The next major explosion is going to be when genetics and computers come together. I'm talking about an organic computer - about biological substances that can function like a semiconductor.

In order for the United States to do the right things for the long term, it appears to be helpful for us to have the prospect of humiliation. Sputnik helped us fund good science - really good science: the semiconductor came out of it.

I would say that hardware is the bone of the head, the skull.

The semiconductor is the brain within the head. The software is the wisdom and data is the knowledge.

This year - a factory of semiconductors. Next year - a factory of whole conductors!

Some people can do one thing magnificently, like Michelangelo, and others make things like semiconductors or build 747 airplanes -- that type of work requires legions of people. In order to do things well, that can't be done by one person, you must find extraordinary people.

One shouldn't work on semiconductors, that is a filthy mess;

who knows whether any semiconductors exist.

It was not so very long ago that people thought that semiconductors were part-time orchestra leaders and microchips were very small snack foods.

So I, I knew something in a business sense about semiconductors and I appreciated their possibilities.

The cost of a semiconductor chip fabrication plant doubles every four years.

It was at Bell Labs that I first made direct contact with real semiconductor experts and thus began to fully understand what amazing materials they were and what they could do.

One of the most striking developments has been the rise, fall and rise again of the semiconductor industry of the United States, which is, once again, the dominant player in the most advanced semiconductor product-markets.

China has legally purchased high performance computers, advanced machine tools, and semiconductor-manufacturing equipment from several American companies.

China has legally purchased high performance computers, advanced machine tools, and semiconductor-manufacturing equipment from several American companies.

The technology [semiconductors] which has transformed practical existence is largely an application of what was discovered by these allegedly irresponsible [natural] philosophers.

We have been a fabless semiconductor company for a number of years now.

All the action, in semiconductors at the present time is in the new consumer applications, and that's where we have focused our activities since we started doing our own products in the late '90s.

My project was radiation damage of Si and Ge by energetic electrons, critical for the use of the recently developed semiconductor devices for applications in outer space.

They were the largest semiconductor maker in the world up until about 1980.

I'm not sure that that can be re-gained again, but their progress in the last few years has been very impressive.

I think it's doing very well. I'm pleased to see the concentration on semiconductors. I think this will help.

Digital imaging is as much about chemistry as it is about semiconductors.