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The sensory deprivation chamber has been the most important tool that I've ever used for developing my mind

— Joe Rogan

Revolutionary Sensory Deprivation quotations

It should surprise no one that the life of the writer - such as it is - is colorless to the point of sensory deprivation. Many writers do little else but sit in small rooms recalling the real world.

Where is there beauty when you see deprivation and starvation?

I've overcome neglect and deprivation, abandonment and abuse.

If we were really tough on crime, we'd try to save our children from the desperation and deprivation that leave them primed for a life of crime.

Fog rolled in like a form of sorrow. To live exiled from a place you have known intimately is to experience sensory deprivation. A wide-awake coma. ... The sea was a memory bank into which everything fell and was lost. I dove in but came out empty-handed.

In the future, we will play games while floating naked in a tank of warm, sensory-depriving gelatin. Games will be distributed chemically, into the gelatin, and absorbed into the player's skin. The gelatin will be Lingonberry-flavored, and the games will encourage good citizenship.

My parents were very poor, but we never felt any sense of need or want.

It was a very close, loving, tightly-knit family growing up, and I never felt any sense of deprivation or anything like that.

South Dakota... is like the world's first drive-through sensory deprivation chamber.

Many writers do little else but sit in small rooms recalling the real world.

I think the best way to listen to my music is through recording.

I would love to be one of those artists where you can go into a coffee shop and watch people pass by and then my music is in their ears. Not necessarily a sensory deprivation thing, but that's cool too. Unfortunately in order to focus on nobody else, you would probably have to go into a dark room and just sit there and listen to it.

It's interesting that we are sensorially deprived.

And not always because of poverty or hunger, but because we have been really indoctrinated into such a way that we don't sit in the present. Technology takes the place of food often.

The human body is amazing," she said.

If you deprive it of one sensory input, the other senses take over, almost instantly.

It was as if the sensory overload that is American life had somehow led to sensory deprivation, a gilded weariness, where everything is permitted and nothing appreciated.

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