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If a man is as wise as a serpent, he can afford to be as harmless as a dove. — American Indian Proverbs

We must combine the toughness of the serpent with the softness of the dove, a tough mind and a tender heart. — Martin Luther King, Jr.

Adam was but human—this explains it all. He did not want the apple for the apple's sake, he wanted it only because it was forbidden. The mistake was in not forbidding the serpent; then he would have eaten the serpent. — Mark Twain

At twenty a man is a peacock, at thirty a lion, at forty a camel, at fifty a serpent, at sixty a dog, at seventy an ape, at eighty a nothing at all. — Baltasar Gracian

An arrow may fly through the air and leave no trace; but an ill thought leaves a trail like a serpent. — Charles MacKay

The deadly Hydra now is the hydra of Equality. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity is the three-fanged serpent. — D. H. Lawrence

Unless a serpent devour a serpent it will not become a dragon. Unless one power absorb another, it will not become great. — Proverbs

the serpent if it wants to become the dragon must eat itself. — Francis Bacon