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All these computers, all these handhelds, all these cell phones, all these laptops, all these servers - what we're getting out of all these connections is we're getting one machine. ... We're constructing a single, global machine. — Kevin Kelly

If you hack the Vatican server, have you tampered in God's domain? — Aaron Allston

The interesting thing is when we design and architect a server, we don't design it for Windows or Linux, we design it for both. We don't really care, as long as we're selling the one the customer wants. — Michael Dell

There are a lot of people who've been able to ditch their Windows machines and switch over to Linux because they can now use their Exchange server for calendaring and collaboration from their Linux desktop. — Nat Friedman

Big Linux deployments have reached the point where it's become a real problem for administrators that they don't have nice tools to manage their servers and desktops. — Nat Friedman

If operating in a network environment, do not place public domain or shareware programs in a common file-server directory that could be accessible to any other PC on the network. — John McAfee

Today, Web services is really about developing for the server. What it means to developers is any set of systems services that you make a Web service you to access by any kind of device with a highly interactive client, not just a browser. — John Fowler

The X server has to be the biggest program I've ever seen that doesn't do anything for you. — Ken Thompson