quote by Judith Lewis Herman

In order to escape accountability for his crimes, the perpetrator does everything in his power to promote forgetting. If secrecy fails, the perpetrator attacks the credibility of his victim. If he cannot silence her absolutely, he tries to make sure no one listens.

— Judith Lewis Herman

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Sexual assault quote A slutty girl is like the first piece of bread in a loaf, everybody touches it b
A slutty girl is like the first piece of bread in a loaf, everybody touches it but nobody wants it.

My niece was a sexual-assault victim.

My sister is a survivor of domestic violence. We have more shelters for animals than for battered women. That's not the message we should be sending.

Sexual assault and domestic violence are difficult things to talk about. Talk about them anyway.

Sexual assault quote One's dignity may be assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked, but it can never
One's dignity may be assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked, but it can never be taken away unless it is surrendered.

The assault on our body image, the hypersexualization of girls and women and subsequent degradation of our sexuality as we walk through the decades, and the general incessant objectification is what this conversation allegedly about my face is really about.

People talk about sexual assault like it's a bad habit that men have.

In Maybe I Will, Laurie Gray writes about important topics that teens need to talk about, including sexual assault, friendship, and alcoholism or self-destructive behaviors that result from trauma. Maybe I Will may help some teens know they're not alone.

Out with stereotypes, feminism proclaims.

But stereotypes are the west's stunning sexual personae, the vehicles of art's assault against nature. The moment there is imagination, there is myth.

What troubles me about the "hostile workplace" category of sexual harassment policy is that women are being returned to their old status of delicate flowers who must be protected from assault by male lechers. It is anti-feminist to ask for special treatment for women.

In a society in which equality is a fact, not merely a word, words of racial or sexual assault and humiliation will be nonsense syllables.

Each campus should absolutely investigate the use of alcohol, the prevalence of alcohol, and its role in sexual assault. We know that predators will use alcohol as a weapon. We know they will use drugs as a weapon.

If there's an article about sexual assault, if there's a video about feminism on YouTube, you're going to get the most horrible, disgusting comments ever. And sometimes the comments are pornographic, and sometimes the comments are really harassing. So I think that it's kind of a difficult place for women to write sometimes.

Typically, [a victim of sexual assault] go home, take a shower, call their best friend, and evidence is lost. They say, "I can handle it." And they let time pass. And then, either the guy starts harassing them again or they see him do it to somebody else. Having that power on the first day is so important.

The Defense Department must do a better job of providing the best possible care for service women who are victims of sexual assault.

Life in a shelter or on the streets puts homeless kids and youth at a higher risk for physical and sexual assault and abuse, physical illness, including HIV/AIDS

Sexual assault is neither a ‘light’ nor ‘fluffy’ matter, and we cannot treat it as if it were.

Our profession is built on the bedrock of trust - the trust that must inherently exist among Soldiers, and between Soldiers and their leaders to accomplish their mission in the chaos of war. Recent incidents of sexual assault and sexual harassment demonstrate that we have violated that trust.

There's an assault on human sexuality, as Judge Scalia said, they've taken sides in the culture war and on top of that if we have a democracy, the democratic processes should be that we can elect representatives who will share our point of view and vote those things into law.

Surely the Department of Defense can and needs to do a better job of training new and existing first responders to respond to sexual assaults occurring in the military.

Be critical of these institutions that we love, whether they be our sports teams or the criminal justice system. Be critical of what the police department is doing about sexual assault. Be critical of why prosecutors are not prosecuting sexual assault.

There's a gap in perceptions between women and men.

Women feel much freer than they did, but still, when alcohol is involved, especially, there's a lot of sexual assault, and a lot of confusion about that. So, we need to focus a lot more on what consent is and on the importance of affirmative consent.

I have since talked to some of my girlfriends sexual assault and found out that they had their own experiences that they never shared at the time. It was never talked about it. And I think it's because of that normal response - you feel badly, you feel responsible, you feel guilty, you feel like you did something wrong, you feel ashamed.

Punishing the prostitute promotes the rape of all women.

When prostitution is a crime, the message conveyed is that women who are sexual are bad, and therefore legitimate victims of sexual assault. Sex becomes a weapon to be used by men.

At Ohio State University, to avoid being guilty of 'sexual assault' or 'sexual violence,' you and your partner now apparently have to agree on the reason WHY you are making out or having sex. It's not enough to agree to DO it, you have to agree on WHY: there has to be agreement 'regarding the who, what, where, when, why, and how this sexual activity will take place.

Bill Cosby was charged with sexual assault.

No matter the outcome of this case this moment is an important public acknowledgement that even though many years have passed, there`s still the responsibility to take charges of sexual assault seriously.

One is that if women's sexuality in Africa wasn't under assault, if women were able to say no, if women weren't subject to predatory attacks by men, or predatory behaviour generally, then you would have a disease in Africa called AIDS. But you wouldn't have a pandemic.

There's a common perception among college administrators that they should conceal the high level of sexual assaults that take place on their campuses because it would bring discredit to the university, bring them a bad name if it was publicized.

Sexual assault not a women's issue, this is a peace and security issue.

And we have to make sure that we go after the perpetrators. So I would put much more focus on finding the perpetrators and punishing them, to close every exit, every possible career possibility for these guys so that they know there is no mercy for rapists.

Stories about sensitive issues like sex, drugs or sexual assault, suicide and teen drinking, are often censored because people just don't want to talk about those things. It's not that these things don't happen, but when they're shared in a fictional setting, for some reason they make some people uncomfortable.

We have come a long way, particularly in terms of women becoming more equal under the law. Fortunately, workplace discrimination is now a crime - but unfortunately women still experience it. Fortunately, sexual harassment is now a crime - but unfortunately women still experience it. Fortunately, the assault of women is now a crime - but unfortunately women still experience it. The list goes on.

For most women, running for office starts with a passion for an issue you care about. For me, it's always been about human rights, domestic-violence prevention, juvenile-justice reform, sexual-assault prevention.

I also have just my own limits about stuff.

I'm not interested in writing graphically about sexual assault for example. I feel like the stuff that I'm fascinated by is the stuff that's part of the public imagination of what horror is. The bleakness is a different issue. I think that just stems from my personality. I wish that I offered a little more glimmer of hope sometimes.

If anyone really thinks that I've ruined [sexual assault] reporting for women, I'm terribly sorry. And if anybody really thinks I'm clamouring for fame on the back of women who were assaulted, that's terrible.

I really hate alcohol. I hate it because it's linked so closely to sexual assault in our culture.

I don't know how I can feel safe with Donald Trump, who bragged about sexual assault having the most power of anyone in America, maybe the world. What does that say to every child, to every person who has been sexually assaulted, to every person in a domestic-violence situation, to anybody who has to report that kind of crime?

I will take on the epidemics of gun violence and campus sexual assault, so that everyone in America is safe and respected, no matter who they are, where they live, or who they love.