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I used to be homophobic, but as I got older, I realized that wasn't the way to do things. I don't discriminate against anybody for their sexual preference, for their skin color... that's immature.

— ASAP Rocky

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No matter what your race, creed or sexual preference, there is a word that people use to describe you that is very nasty. It's what we all have in common. That, and masturbation.

Sexual preference quote I prefer to be crazy and happy rather than normal and bitter.
I prefer to be crazy and happy rather than normal and bitter.

It is not our sexual preferences, the color of our skin, the language we speak, nor the religion we practice that creates friction, hatred and wars amongst in society. It is our words and the words of our leaders that can create that disparity.

Sexual preference quote Strength is when you have so much to cry for but you prefer to smile instead.
Strength is when you have so much to cry for but you prefer to smile instead.

Race and sexual preferences are two different things.

One is a behavior-related and preference-related and one is something inherently - skin color, something obvious, that kind of stuff.

Feminism is for all women and girls, not a privileged few or one ethnicity, religion, age, sexual preference, ability, region or hemisphere.

The pervert." "He prefers to think of himself as sexual deviant." "Semantics.

Sexual preference quote I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.
I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.

Nowadays nobody bothers, and it is considered in slightly bad taste to even raise the question of God's existence. Matters of religion are like matters of sexual preference: they are not discussed in public, and even the abstract questions are discussed only by bores.

What sexual preference do you hope she has?” “Happiness.” Isnt that cool?

No, my work does not reflect my sexual preferences, it reflects the fact that I feel total freedom as an artist.

Sexual preference quote A slutty girl is like the first piece of bread in a loaf, everybody touches it b
A slutty girl is like the first piece of bread in a loaf, everybody touches it but nobody wants it.

My reasons for declaring a sexual preference had to do less with the pursuit of personal freedom than with the lust for pure shock value.

Proclaiming a sexual preference is something that straight men never really have to bother with.

I think it would be bizarre to pick somebody to speak at the convention based on their sexual preference, because once you go down that road, why don't you pick a transvestite?

Sexual preference quote The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision.
The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision.

I would certainly never suggest that any lesbian should be ashamed of her sexual preference.

We learn our sexual preferences and orientations.

What we prefer to read is sort of like sexual preference, you like what you like. Most of the time you have no clue why.

Sexual preference quote I prefer to be crazy
I prefer to be crazy

Should one be for or against pornography? I prefer to propose images of sexuality rather than to analyze the pros and the cons of pornography. Women are interested in erotics and sexuality, so I want to use my energy to propose images about that.

If we move away from either/or thinking, and if we think, okay, every day of my life that I walk out of my house I am a combination of race, gender, class, sexual preference and religion or what have you, what gets foregrounded?

I am South African and I am so aware, even as a white, privileged South African, that even within our community of privilege the idea of talking about sex or sexual preference or sexual identity or anything like that was just, nobody ever did that and nobody ever felt comfortable doing that.

Sexual preference quote To achieve you need a to-do list. To achieve greatness you need a not-to-do list
To achieve you need a to-do list. To achieve greatness you need a not-to-do list. Use this tip for your personal success and business goals. Start writing down aspirations you don’t need to get done right now and use as monthly moonshot goals. I prefer to call this a “not-yet-list.” It helps keep your “to-do-list” shorter without losing sight of a great idea. Eventually items from the not-yet-list move to the to-do-list.

Fear destroys intimacy. It distances us from each other; or makes us cling to each other, which is the death of freedom.... Only love can create intimacy, and freedom too, for when all hearts are one, nothing else has to be one--neither clothes nor age; neither sex nor sexual preference; race nor mind-set.

A number of Guru's feel that there is something wrong or sick about being gay.

I think it really doesn't matter what your sexual preference is; what matters is the quality of your love.

Regulation of sexual behavior is the preferred route to wider social control.

I don't like to think of myself as a 'virgin'.

I prefer to think of myself as 'sexually incomplete'. You know. Like I haven't finished the course yet.

The typical metrosexual is a young man with money to spend, living in or within easy reach of a metropolis - because that's where all the best shops, clubs, gyms and hairdressers are. He might be officially gay, straight or bisexual, but this is utterly immaterial because he has clearly taken himself as his own love object and pleasure as his sexual preference. Particular professions, such as modeling, waiting tables, media, pop music and, nowadays, sport, seem to attract them but, truth be told, like male vanity products and herpes, they're pretty much everywhere.

We're making far too big a deal out of our sexual preferences.

It's just another form of narcissism, and I think it can be a big problem and a tremendous obstacle.

God tells us not to judge one another, no matter what anyone's sexual preferences are or if they're black, brown or purple.

I keep wanting people to realize that there needs to be a tidal wave of peace and love. People should be treated with love and respect regardless of the color of their skin or their sexual preference. We need to keep saying that as much as we can and as loud as we can.

People - whatever their race, religion, sexual preference - deserve to be treated as human beings.

What's more important is that we talk about movements;

change happens through movements. The movement to end slavery, the movement to bring justice for those who have been left out of the system, movements to include women, movements around sexual preference - all these movements brought about change.

Milk is for babies. Human beings are the only species that drinks milk into adulthood and besides that we prefer to drink the milk of another species (enslaved cows and goats), and we have come to consider it normal when, it is actually a pretty perverse form of sexual abuse!

You can't discriminate against someone because of their race, color, or religion, but you can discriminate against someone because of their sexual preference, I find it to be abhorrent.

I'm bi everything; sexual, coastal, political, controversial. I think if you find your comfortable sexual preference then that's excellent. Everybody knows that I'm a huge fan of gay men and drag queens and would not be who I am today without their help, support and make-up tips.

It's important for a couple to talk about their sexual preferences.

On the other hand, the aura of the mysterious should be preserved.

God knows, as a minority, gay people have taken serious lumps for their sexual preferences. As has every minority.

Human rights transcend local or ethnocentric values, conferring equal dignity and value on all humanity regardless of sex, ethnicity, sexual preference, or religion. It is in the West that human rights are most respected.

Superficially it's a problem if homosexuality is genetic - if the difference between people's sexual preferences is genetic - because at least a pure homosexual would be unlikely to reproduce and therefore pass on the genes. So the first question you ask is, is it actually genetic, and the answer is probably to some extent yes.