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Quiet people have the loudest minds.

— Stephen Hawking

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Shy quote Dont shy away from adversity - it will introduce you to your inner strength.

Dont shy away from adversity - it will introduce you to your inner strength.

A Man who is Shy and Modest, is An Amazing Character, but a Women who is Shy and Modest is Beyond Amazing.

The flower that smells the sweetest is shy and lowly.

Shy quote Don't shy away from adversity - it will introduce you to your inner strength.

Don't shy away from adversity - it will introduce you to your inner strength.

The human soul doesn't want to be fixed, it simply wants to be seen and heard.

The soul is like a wild animal - tough, resilient and shy. When we go crashing through the woods shouting for it to come out so we can help it, the soul will stay in hiding. But if we are willing to sit quietly and wait for a while, the soul may show itself.

I never felt comfortable with myself, because I was never part of the majority.

I always felt awkward and shy and on the outside of the momentum of my friends' lives.

I've come from nowhere, and I'm not shy to go back.

Shy quote Shy people notice everything, but they don't get noticed

Shy people notice everything, but they don't get noticed


My feelings are too loud for words And too shy for the world.

Success is blocked by concentrating on it and planning for it.

.. Success is shy - it won't come out while you're watching.

Steve is very quiet, even shy. I am very gregarious. So, opposites.

Shy quote Shy people notice everything but they don't get noticed.

Shy people notice everything but they don't get noticed.


I know this sounds strange, but as a kid, I was really shy.

Painfully shy. The turning point was freshman year, when I was the biggest geek alive. No one, I mean no one, even talked to me.

I'm shy, paranoid, whatever word you want to use.

I hate fame. I've done everything I can to avoid it.

Having limits to push against is how you find out what you can do.

I have always been full of contradictions. I am shy but I love the freedom of the stage. I need reassurance but at the same time I don’t want it. I hate being afraid but I can’t help wanting to frighten myself. That is how you grow.

The way you overcome shyness is to become so wrapped up in something that you forget to be afraid.

You're an original, an individual, a masterpiece.

Celebrate that; don't let your uniqueness make you shy. Don't be someone other than the wonder you are. Every star is important to the sky.

I've always found Mr. Disney to be somewhat of a shy person, a kid at heart

I sometimes shy away because I don't want to be too 'showy-offy' but the older I get I think, 'You have a handkerchief, put it in your pocket.'

They remember me as this shy girl sitting under the table.

But they obviously didn't know what was going on in my head.

I am quite shy and people think I'm aloof.

I saw all the suffering that Kurt Cobain went through.

I saw this real vibrant person turn into a real shy, timid, withdrawn person.

Moroi shied from the sunlight but as I watched Sydney, I knew without a doubt that humans had been made for the sun.

I think in terms of me shying away from modelling, I would like to clarify in some way that I was taking a break from many things in my life and obviously what people in the public see is that I'm pulling away from what is more public.

When sex is necessary for the plot of a book, or a character development, then I don't shy away from it. Why should I?

Fame is a skittish jade, more fickle even than Fortune, and apt to shy, and bolt, and plunge away on very trifling causes.

I was introverted, shy. But if you win a lot you need to be extroverted, or they'll think you're arrogant.

Some animals are secretive; some are shy. A cat is private.

I can be very shy...but when I'm around people I know, I can be extremely loud.

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In today's world you have to interact.

You can't be some difficult, shy person who is not able to look somebody in the face; you have to present yourself. You have to know how to talk about your vision, your focus and what you believe in.

A bunch of six nicer people, I couldn’t be more fortunate to call my family — from Lee Pace, who is so dear. When I first saw him, I said he’s like a Gary Cooper. He’s bashful, he’s shy, he’s sensitive, he’s a great actor, he’s beautiful, he’s delicious.

'Do What You Gotta Do' is a positive, inspirational song that says no matter what it is; whether you're up against challenges or trying to get your dreams and aspirations met, you should do what whatever you have to do shy of killing yourself or someone else.

Most inventors and engineers I've met are like me.

They're shy and they live in their heads. The very best of them are artists. And artists work best alone.

Man has created some lovely dwellings, some soul-stirring literature.

He has done much to alleviate physical pain. But he has not ... created a substitute for a sunset, a grove of pines, the music of the winds, the dank smell of the deep forest, or the shy beauty of a wildflower.

Your true friends dont shy away from keeping you in check because your wellbeing is more important to them than even your friendship and they'd rather risk offending you than watch you harm yourself.

We should never shy away from the challenges that face us out of fear of failure or an unwillingness to battle the odds. We should confront our problems head on and make no excuses.

I'm blonde and tanned and normal-sized! I'm sweet, shy, funny, have a big heart and I'm nice - and I like to eat.

When you have something in life that you want to accomplish greatly, you have to be willing to give up your happiness…I’ve lost all my sensitivity as far as being embarrassed, being shy, you just have to lose that.

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