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The Most Famous Signing Up Quotes (Best in 2024)

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If I'm gonna tell a real story, I'm gonna start with my name. — Kendrick Lamar

People still think of me as a cartoonist, but the only thing I lift a pen or pencil for these days is to sign a contract, a check, or an autograph. — Walt Disney

I've seen too many celebrities fall from their morals, and I wanna come up under that and be THAT girl that doesn't need a scandal to make herself look better. — Christina Grimmie

The photoshoot glitz and TV studio make-up isn't the real me. I spend most days at home in Bristol in jeans and a T-shirt running around after the kids or shopping in the Co-op. — Carol Vorderman

I have had someone ask me to sign their 'Team Taylor' panties. She wasn't a teenager. She was in her 40s. — Taylor Lautner

I don't like being recognised, I have no interest in being famous at all, I just do what I do. If I could be like Captain Kirk and beam myself up and then beam myself down, I would! — Bruce Dickinson

Writing is a job, a talent, but it's also the place to go in your head. It is the imaginary friend you drink your tea with in the afternoon. — Ann Patchett

I feel like getting married, or committing suicide, or subscribing to L'Illustration. Something desperate, you know. — Albert Camus

My mom was a photographer and whenever they needed a baby for a modelling job, she'd stick me in front of the camera. That's how it started. — Alyson Hannigan

After 4 years on NYPD Blue it has been nice to have the summer off and spend time with family and friends. There are a few projects I am interested in and plan to be working this fall. — Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Short Signing Up Quotes

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  • If you give up at the first sign of struggle, you're really not ready to be successful. — Kevin Hart
  • In Denmark lots of people come up to me for autographs. — Caroline Wozniacki
  • Remember, a chip on the shoulder is a sure sign of wood higher up. — Brigham Young
  • I'll throw ya gang-sign up, and then I'll spit on my hand. — Immortal Technique
  • Anything which is a huge problem for humanity we'll sign up for, if we can find a way to fix it. — Astro Teller
  • You can now be a master of your own destiny. I'm not sure why you would sign up with a record label. — Sean Parker
  • I don't write cheques anymore because I end up signing them "with love, shan rukh" — Shahrukh Khan
  • A feeling of discouragement when you slip up is a sure sign that you put your faith in deeds — Ahmad ibn Ajiba
  • Trust in Allah, but tie up your camel.' Sign in Skardu — Greg Mortenson
  • Rigid belief systems, including skeptism, is signing up for the suppression of curiosity. — Deepak Chopra

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I like a crisp document and a messy meeting. The document should be written with such clarity that it's like angels signing from up high. — Jeff Bezos

If you give up at the first sign of struggle, you're really not ready to be successful. — Kevin Hart

You sign an agreement; you make a contract, you live up to it. You never get what you deserve. You get what you negotiate. You got a right to say yay or nay. — Don King

Some people plant in the spring and leave in the summer. If you're signed up for a season, see it through. You don't have to stay forever, but at least stay until you see it through. — Jim Rohn

Scarcity is a function of quantity. Urgency is a function of time. This is where you only limit when people can sign up, rather than how many. — Alex Hormozi

I will sign a universal health-care bill into law by the end of my first term as president that will cover every American and cut the cost of a typical family’s premium by up to $2,500 a year. — Barack Obama

There are three signs of senility. The first sign is that a man forgets his theorems. The second sign is that he forgets to zip up. The third sign is that he forgets to zip down. — Paul Erdos

Being single doesn't necessarily mean you're available. Sometimes you have to put up a sign that says "Do Not Disturb" on your heart. — Wiz Khalifa

The two most important words I ever wrote were on that first Wal-Mart sign, ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’. They're still up there, and they have made all the difference. — Sam Walton

When things gets difficult, and it seems like the intensity has been turned up, that’s a sign you are close to your victory. — Joel Osteen

Signing up quote Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional. Let this be a sign that you've
Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional. Let this be a sign that you've got a big heart and aren't afraid to let others see it. Showing your emotions is a sign of strength.

Car Insurance Quotes

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Advanced Courses [in Scientology] are the most valuable service on the planet. Life insurance, houses, cars, stocks, bonds, college savings, all are transitory and impermanent... There is nothing to compare with Advanced Courses. They are infinitely valuable and transcend time itself. — L. Ron Hubbard

I started life washing cars in Canada before moving on to selling life insurance and vacuum cleaners. Later, I went through a programme by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, which literally changed my life. It was the turning point. — Shiv Khera

We do need to plan ahead, don't we, in life? I have spare tire on my car. I also have life insurance. I have a lot of things that I plan ahead for. — Peter DeGraaf

Signing up quote A clear conscience is the sure sign of a bad memory.
A clear conscience is the sure sign of a bad memory.

Look at the big-ticket items, in your budget. Your home or apartment. Your car. Your insurance. If you are overspending on these big monthly bills, then money's draining out of your pocket a lot faster than you can replace it by clipping coupons or buying cheaper coffee. — Elizabeth Warren

I knew a dude whose entire check was going to his car. He didn't care. This is back when the Mustang 5.0 came out in, like, '82. Between paying the note and insurance, I think he had like $40 left. A lot of people knew people because of their car, and not them. — Ice Cube

I went to rent a car, and the guy goes, 'Do you want the extra insurance?' I said, 'Why...am I gonna get into an extra accident? — Robert Schimmel

Signing up quote Compassion and tolerance are not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength.
Compassion and tolerance are not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength.

When I'm buying car insurance I ask myself, 'Which company has the most annoying and relentless commercials?' — Demetri Martin

The greatest luxury is not driving. I didn't own a car until I was 30, and that was a Rolls-Royce, so it was cheaper to insure a chauffeur. I never want to drive again. My mind is always on other things. I hate parking, and I'm very short-tempered and would get road rage, I'm sure. — Michael Caine

The best day of my life was when I turned 25. That's the day my car insurance went down. Yeah, boy, I saved $1,200 that day. — Stephen Jackson

I think that the thing you have to do is, people have to start being held accountable for their decisions. If somebody's not buying insurance, then they're going to have to be selling their car, or whatever it is to try to help cover that. — Todd Akin

How To Sign A Quotes

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In my office...I have a little sign and it says, 'Do it!' I suppose if I have learned anything in life, it is that we are to keep moving, keep trying-as long as we breathe! If we do, we will be surprised at how much more can still be done. — Spencer W. Kimball

I introduced my parents to ChatGPT today. They never heard about it, had trouble signing up, and were completely mindblown that such a thing exists or how it works or how to use it. Fun reminder that I live in a bubble. — Andrej Karpathy

Ignorance of how we are shaped racially is the first sign of privilege. In other words. It is a privilege to ignore the consequences of race in America. — Tim Wise

Signing up quote If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, than, is an empty de
If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, than, is an empty desk a sign?

Of one thing the investor can be certain: A large company's need to bring in a new chief executive from the outside is a damning sign of something basically wrong with the existing management - no matter how good the surface signs may have been as indicated by the most recent earnings statement. — Philip Arthur Fisher

I no longer think she's just being nice. She's being kind. Which is much more a sign of character than mere niceness. Kindness connects to who you are, while niceness connects to how you want to be seen. — David Levithan

Poetry is perhaps what teaches us to nurture the charming illusion: how to be reborn out of ourselves over and over again, and use words to construct a better world, a fictitious world that enables us to sign a pact for a permanent and comprehensive peace ... with life. — Mahmoud Darwish

Signing up quote The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.
The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

When your friends begin to flatter you on how young you look, it's a sure sign you're getting old. — Mark Twain

It was 100 feet of 16 mm black-and-white film of a car coming to a stop sign, and driving off. I had to decide how to frame and light it. It was magic. There was a sense of mystery. — Conrad Hall

It's like before my wife and I moved. Our house was full of boxes and there was a U-Haul truck in our driveway. My friend comes over and says Hey, you moving? Nope. We just pack our stuff up once or twice a week to see how many boxes it takes. Here's your sign. — Bill Engvall

I'll watch the kids play, have a big steak with my friends, stay in a nice hotel, sign a lot of autographs, then go back to Vegas and tell my alumni how tough recruiting is. — Jerry Tarkanian

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Producing major change in an organization is not just about signing up one charismatic leader. You need a group - a team - to be able to drive the change. One person, even a terrific charismatic leader, is never strong enough to make all this happen. — John P. Kotter

Signing up quote I would like to paint the way a bird signs.
I would like to paint the way a bird signs.

Don't that make you wanna fall in love Don't that look like a picture of us A match made in heaven if there ever was Don't that make you wanna fall That just makes me wanna give you my heart Ever forever needs a place to start Gotta be a sign from up above Don't that make you wanna fall in love — Kenny Chesney

You have to rely on your support system. Growing up, I always thought it was a sign of weakness to ask for help, but now I realize it's really a sign of strength to say, 'I need help, I can't do it all.' — Kerri Walsh

My birth sign is Scorpio and they eat themselves up and burn themselves out. I swing between happiness and misery. I am part prude and part nonconformist. I say what I think and I don't pretend and I am prepared to accept the consequences of my actions. — Vivien Leigh

Amnesty International continues to report that extra judicial tortures and murders continue. This is not democracy that we are exporting to Mexico, and this is certainly not what the Mexican workers signed up for. — Stephen F. Lynch

I do a little sign on the court every time i make a shot or a good pass and i pound my chest and point to the sky - it symbolizes that i have a heart for God. It’s something that my mom and I came up with in college and I do it every time I step on the floor as a reminder of who i’m playing for. — Stephen Curry

One day I locked my keys in my car and as I was standing there with a hanger halfway through the top of my window, a guy walks up and says, Lock yer keys in the car? Without missin' a beat I said, Nope, Just washed it and was hanging it up to dry. Here's your sign. — Bill Engvall

Last time I had a flat tire, I pulled my truck into one of those side-of-the-road gas stations. The attendant walks out, looks at my truck, looks at me, and I swear he said, Tire go flat? I couldn't resist. Said, Nope. I was driving around and those other three just swelled right up on me. Here's your sign. — Bill Engvall

In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousandfold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers . . . we are ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations. — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

I'm beating all the weakness out of myself, beating all the give-up out of myself, I'm beating the lack of cardio, I'm beating the lack of confidence - any sign of weakness that's in my heart, I'm getting rid of it — Jon Jones

Our street corners keep secrets, and our road signs only suggest, never deciding for us, never knowing if the destination to which they lead, is where we truely belong. Life's greatest tragedy is not that it will some day end, but that most of us just live to follow directions, and many times we end up totally lost. — Alex Gaskarth

Escape through travel works. Almost from the moment I boarded my flight, life in England became meaningless. Seat-belt signs lit up, problems switched off. Broken armrests took precedence over broken hearts. By the time the plane was airborne I'd forgotten England even existed. — Alex Garland

In 1967, I signed up for the Army where I earned an equivalency diploma, then went on to join the Special Forces. That was really was the turning point in my life. I became more disciplined and focused. I went overseas and was in combat, got wounded a couple of times, lost a lot of good friends but matured a great deal. — Richard Carmona

Then all this started to pick up because I signed with ForeFront when I was in seventh grade. It got a lot busier and I was traveling a lot and it wasn't making sense. Especially at a private school, you miss two days, and you get so behind. — Stacie Orrico

I had a breakthrough, I think my life just became calmer, I gave up drinking. My priorities changed as I had a young daughter. The group didn't want me to record for the Think Tank album... so I took it as a sign to leave. — Graham Coxon

Men hang out their signs indicative of their respective trades; shoe makers hang out a gigantic shoe; jewelers a monster watch, and the dentist hangs out a gold tooth; but up in the Mountains of New Hampshire, God Almighty has hung out a sign to show that there He makes men. — Daniel Webster

The problem I have with Bill Parcells is him quitting. I don't like guys quitting. If you sign up for something, finish the job get the job done. Don't quit. It is a three-year formula, he goes in, gets his three years and then he quits and walks out of there with a bucket full of money. I don't like that part of it — Deion Sanders

Propaganda tries first of all to create conditioned reflexes in the individual so that certain words, signs, or symbols, even certain persons or facts, provoke unfailing reactions...The important thing is that when the time is ripe, the individual can be thrown into action by the utilization of the psychological levers that have been set up. — Jacques Ellul

If I wanted you to get a job, I would ask you to get a job. I'm also not stupid. I'm not going to overwork myself. If I have to chase the money, then I can't do this no more. That's not what I signed up for. I didn't sign up to tire myself out. — Fetty Wap

Upon arriving, meeting their teachers and signing up for classes, these students began to realize that their attendance at Delaware State University was not a goal achieved, but rather a dream being sewn - a first step, if you will. — Michael N. Castle

Sellout... I'm not crazy about the word. We're all entrepreneurs. To me, I don't care if you own a furniture store or whatever - the best sign you can put up is SOLD OUT. — Bill Withers

I believe that that's why you see all these Pew studies that come out that a lot of people are walking away from the faith. A lot of people are changing what they believe because they really feel lied to. I think that it's very important for people to know what they're signing up for. — Kirk Franklin

If people recognize me when I'm out in public, I'm very nice to them. I'm very nice to people even when they don't recognize me. I don't even mind if people come up to me while I'm eating dinner, but if they recognize me while I'm having sex, I refuse to sign autographs. — Harrison Ford

What I find is that the taking, the stealing, the appropriation of images has to do with prior availability, and it sets up a degree where things can be shared... It's like 50% off... You can let something of another emotion or another personality sign on your work, or co-sign it. — Richard Prince

It must be a sign of talent that I do not give up, though I can get nobody to take an interest in my efforts. — Fanny Mendelssohn

Retarded kids are the best. When they ask for an autograph I just fake sign a picture and tell them that it's in invisible ink and it will show up later. They totally buy it. It saves me a fortune in markers. — Zach Braff

In this arid wilderness of steel and stone I raise up my voice that you may hear. To the East and to the West I beckon. To the North and to the South I show a sign proclaiming: Death to the weakling, wealth to the strong! — Anton Szandor LaVey

When I learned to sign and speak at the same time, the whole world opened up to me. That's the beauty of encouraging kids who are deaf to use whatever it takes to communicate. — Marlee Matlin

I'm going to make a statement that you might not believe; you might even find it offensive. Fortunately, its not just my opinion; I got it from the apostle Paul who picked it up from Jesus - so don't get upset with me! Here it is: You haven't fully preached the Gospel of Christ if you haven't done it with miracles, signs, and wonders. — Todd Bentley

But when I do book signings and personal appearances, the audiences are mostly white. Growing up here, I expected that and understand it. Black audiences won't come out for a white writer for the most part. It really is just a fact of life. — George Pelecanos

I believe that because I had obtained a wife who was made up of wife-signs (beauty, charm, softness, perfume, cookery) I had found love. — Donald Barthelme

Some people sign up for the goal, but don’t sign up for the discomfort that comes along with the goal. — Russell Brunson

I've had many a player tell me all through high school and right up until signing day that they were coming to Alabama, then they signed with somebody else. — Bear Bryant

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