Frank (Frank Sinatra) is a singer who comes along once in a lifetime, but why did he have to come in mine?

— Bing Crosby

Attractive Sinatra quotations

I'm not a star. I'll never be a Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley or a Ray Charles. I'm just an imitator, man. I'm doing a very bad imitation on the bass of Jerry Jemmott, Bernard Odum, Jimmy Fielder, Jimmy Blanton, Igor Stravinsky, Jimi Hendrix, John Coltrane, James Brown, Charlie Parker... the cats, man. I'm just backing up the cats.

I think they [Martin Scorsese, Johnny Carson, Frank Sinatra] liked my honesty.

My personality. For that, they always treated me great. I, in turn, treated them great. No secret about it. My being who I am - that is that.

I remember Elvis as a young man hanging around the Sun Studios.

Even then, I knew this kid had a tremendous talent. He was a dynamic young boy. His phraseology, his way of looking at a song, was as unique as Sinatra's. I was a tremendous fan, and had Elvis lived, there would have been no end to his inventiveness.

You know, legends are people like Haggard and Jones and Wills and Sinatra.

Those people are legends. I'm just a young buck out here trying to keep in that same circle with the rest of 'em.

If the Soviet Union can give up the Brezhnev Doctrine for the Sinatra Doctrine, the United States can give up the James Monroe Doctrine for the Marilyn Monroe Doctrine: Let's all go to bed wearing the perfume we like best.

I got one entire song from fortune cookies (Land of Sunshine).

On another one, I took words from different Frank Sinatra songs and pasted them together. Another one, I was just driving around and there was a piece of paper on the ground, so I stole it.

Frank Sinatra told Floyd Paterson how he should whoop me. Frank Sinatra.

I could turn on my radio in the morning when I was getting dressed for school and hear Frank Sinatra and Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman and think this is the music. Now that music is art. Ellington is art. At that time it was just what you heard on the radio. Cole Porter was just a guy who wrote pretty songs and Billie Holliday would sing them.

To be is to do - Socrates To do is to be - Sartre Do Be Do Be Do - Sinatra

With the possible exception of clothes, beauty salons and Frank Sinatra, there are few subjects all women agree upon.

Everything about Sinatra was good. He had the ability to pick great songs, and once Sinatra had sung them, that pretty much was it. He pretty much put his stamp on everything.

Look, when I started out, mainstream culture was Sinatra, Perry Como, Andy Williams, Sound of Music. There was no fitting into it then and of course, there's no fitting into it now.

Frank [Sinatra] sang to you, not at you, like so many pop singers today.

Even singers of standards. I never wanted to be a singer that sings at somebody. I've always wanted to sing to somebody. I would have gotten that subliminally from Frank many years ago. Hank Williams did that, too. He sang to you.

The happiest people I know are the ones that are still working.

The saddest are the ones who are retired. Very few performers retire on their own. It's usually because no one wants them. Six years ago Sinatra announced his retirement. He's still working.

No press conference announcing a last film.

I'd just steal away. Best way because, if by chance after two or three years something interesting comes up, I would not - like Sinatra - have to say: "Well, I've thought it over and decided to come back."

I was good friends with Frank Sinatra, I heard Steve Kaufman painting his portrait, so I asked Steve to paint my portrait.

When I was very, very young, I decided that I was gonna catalogue my times because that's what other people who I admired did. That's what Bob Dylan did, that's what Frank Sinatra did, Hank Williams did, in very different ways.

Back in the Sinatra era, you called women "broads," and the broads didn't mind.

If Sinatra called you a broad, you were flattered. When Sinatra walked in, and you know what you did? You ran up and you tried to kiss him. Who hasn't seen women throwing their underwear at the Beatles and this kind of thing?

Frank Sinatra turns 100 this year and his music has been a major player in the soundtrack of my life. So it's only right that I return the favor and pay it forward.

People who understand music hear sounds that no one else makes when Frank Sinatra sings.

Frank Sinatra enjoyed my humor, so I could say almost anything to him. I mean, within reason.

I'm the gangsta Nancy Sinatra.

Ask Nureyev to stop dancing, ask Sinatra to stop singing, then you can ask me to stop playing.

Sinatra’s idea of paradise is a place where there are plenty of women and no newspapermen. He doesn’t know it, but he’d be better off if it were the other way around.

We listened [with my mother] to [Frank] Sinatra and Glen Campbell and we had some Beatles records that I liked. This was in the '70s.

I would love to be able to do both (acting and making music).

If I look at someone like Sinatra, who toured until he was 80 and made 60 movies, that would be a great life to have.

Sinatra, in my opinion, is possibly the greatest male singer of all time.

Marilyn Monroe was taken advantage of by most of the men that knew her, including Frank Sinatra and Joe DiMaggio, whom I also knew very well.

I had a lot of fun with Frank Sinatra, because he was such a hooligan, and so to himself, he was the king, and everything was his way, and I enjoyed watching that.

We are simultaneously the most hated, loved, feared and admired nation on this planet. In short, we are Frank Sinatra.

Count Basie practically adopted me at 13.

We became closer and closer and I ended up conducting for him and Sinatra.

Im probably the only one in the world you can name thats worked with Billie Holiday, Louie Armstrong, Ella, Duke, Miles, Dizzy, Ray Charles, Aretha, Michael Jackson, rappers. Fly Me to the Moon was played on the moon by Buzz Aldrin. Sinatra. Paul Simon. Tony Bennett. Im the only one.

I got to trumpet, finally. That's why I love to write for brass, and [Count] Basie and [Frank] Sinatra and all that stuff, 'cause that's just like part of my DNA.

I saw Mikhail Baryshnikov do Twyla Tharp's Sinatra Suite on PBS.

I have no numbers to prove it, but I bet that kids who saw that loved it. I think you will see younger dancers, who certainly have the artistic sense and capabilities, start going back to romantic numbers.

To quote Frank Sinatra, "Regrets, I've had a few / But then again, too few to mention."

There's, like, marks next to an actor's name or something, and boy does that go up and down! Somewhere in there, which always causes my mate Miss Ruby Wax great hilarity, I was offered a biopic of Frank Sinatra. Even I knew that was a bad idea! They'll throw anything at you at certain times. So, you know, to thine own self be true.

When you get old the worst thing is you lose so many friends. Burt Lancaster, Frank Sinatra, John Wayne. People who I loved to work with.

The duet with Frank Sinatra, 'What Now My Love,' is one of my favorites.

The run I was on made Sinatra, Flynn, Jagger, Richards, all of them look like droopy-eyed armless children.

Patsy Cline belongs shoulder-to-shoulder with Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald.

I'd come home from school alone with those teenage blues and I'd put on Frank Sinatra's It was a very good year. Here was this mature man singing about the cycle of his life, and as a kid I felt the emotions of it already. It has since been a touchstone for me whenever I want to experiment musically.

When you talk about the world's greatest entertainer you have to say Al Jolson because there was no one like him. Only Judy Garland and perhaps Frank Sinatra got anywhere near him!

I wish Frank Sinatra would just shut up and sing.

His (Frank Sinatra) attention span was not long, shall we say.